Collection: All Rockshox Services

Rockshox suspension services are essential for maintaining the performance and durability of various models, including Boxxer, ZEB, Lyrik, Pike, SID, Super Deluxe, Vivid Air, and Super Deluxe Coil. Annual maintenance ensures that these high-performance suspensions keep working optimally.

Regular services involve replacing seals, oil, and grease, and performing detailed internal inspections to identify and address wear and tear. This is particularly important for models like the Boxxer and ZEB, which endure extreme downhill and enduro conditions, requiring top-notch shock absorption and stability.

Service is also needed for Super Deluxe Coil, which is based on a coil spring, but its damper operates similarly to those in air shocks, using seals and oil that will wear out, requiring the same level of meticulous care. This maintenance is crucial to ensure the damper functions correctly, providing consistent and predictable performance.

Proper servicing of the Lyrik and Pike, often used in trail and all-mountain riding, helps maintain their responsiveness and smooth operation.

For the Vivid Air and Super Deluxe air shocks, annual maintenance prevents air leaks and maintains optimal pressure levels, crucial for efficient shock absorption and ride quality.

Annual Rockshox suspension services prevent dirt and debris from getting inside, while making sure nothing gets  wrong inside, reducing the risk of premature wear, and avoiding costly repairs. Investing in this maintenance enhances your riding experience, ensuring safety, reliability, and the longevity of your suspension components across all terrains.