Tuning & Upgrades

Transform your Ride

Upgrades transform your suspension by deeply modify one or more components, giving you access to a level of performance and comfort otherwise unattainable. It is the simplest way to achieve significant and rapid improvement.

Tuning is modifying an existing suspension to tune it to your weight, usage, and bike:

  • Tuned for your weight: The suspension should not compress too much, and simply stiffening the spring is never enough, as relying solely on the spring does not allow for real suspension performance. Weight adaptation is first achieved through the hydraulics, then through the spring. In the case of air suspensions, the adaptations should allow for operation without using abnormally low or high pressure.
  • Tuned for your ride: A suspension must allow the bike to return to its position quickly enough after a shock to be ready for the next one. To avoid this issue, work needs to be done on both the hydraulics and the spring.
  • Tuned for your bike: Depending on the bike's geometry, suspensions need adjustments to ensure that their operation is neither too progressive nor too linear.

PMB is also a specialist in coil conversion, which will radically transform your bike for greater responsiveness and predictability, while gaining in reliability and performance.

All upgrades sold with services are tuned