Please read these conditions carefully.

The following terms and conditions govern the purchase of product and services from the company PMB Suspension ('we') by customers ('you').

Please read these terms carefully and they affect your right and liability under law. Do not order product and services if you do not agree with these terms. If you have any queries regarding these terms then please contact us.


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By ordering products and services from us you agree to be bound by these terms.


We reserve the right to update these terms from time to time and without warning.


(a) Prices

  • Prices are set by PMB Suspension.
  • Prices can be modified without notice.
  • Online prices are accessible only to customers paying online.
  • Professional customers: no discount without prior agreement.

(b) Order taking

  • Customers can order services using the website ou using the PMB service form.
  • If you send an order without a corresponding registered order on or a completed service form then you will have to pay administrative fees because of the additional work required to know what need to be done.
  • We reserve the right to refuse an order.

(c) Shipping

  • Shipping costs are determined by PMB
  • Shipping costs can never be refunded


(a) Order taking

  • For any order without a corresponding registered order on or a completed service form, you will have to pay administrative fees because of the additional work required to know what need to be done.
  • If order taking in the workshop takes longer than normal, PMB reserve the right to bill a specific fee.
  • We reserve the right to refuse an order. Reasons for refusal can be but are not limited to:
    • unpaid invoices,
    • suspensions unfit for purpose or dangerous,
    • service is technically impossible,
    • proprietary or improvised modifications,
    • parts not available,
    • empty boxes ordered for other uses not related to shipping suspensions to PMB.
  • We reserve the right to ask for payment before starting work.

(b) Limitations

  • Services sold as packages are executed in 90 minutes.
  • Additional work (test, repairs..) and parts (supplemental kits..) falling outside of the scope of packaged services will be billed.
  • Any special requirement for bike manufacturers like Specialized, Scott and Orbea will be billed.
  • Products modified by customers: custom work and after-market parts and accessories will be replicated or re-used only if technically possible and if there is no safety concerns. Prior agreement by PMB is mandatory. This include but is not limited to: components from 3rd parties like OneUp, Springdex, Axxios, custom or 3rd party mounting hardware or headset, anglesets, paint, stickers.

(c) Service time to completion

  • Service time to completion starts from when your suspensions are delivered at the location where PMB is doing services and finish when the service is completed.
  • Service time to completion does not take into account shipping time.
  • Service time to completion depends on PMB Suspension workload.
  • Typical service time to completion:
    • 30 to 60 minutes if you bring the suspensions yourself and instant service is possible
    • 2-3 days if you ship the suspensions and our workload is low
    • 5-7 days if you ship the suspensions and our workload is high
    • 1-5 weeks if your suspensions require parts that are not available
  • If we give you an estimated time to completion, it is always an estimate and subject to change based on the ongoing conditions of service.
  • You can optionally purchase Express Services, which guarantee that:
    • service will start on the same day the suspension is delivered to the location where PMB is doing services, if the suspension is delivered before 10AM,
    • service will finish also on that same day if the technical conditions can be met,
    • when the service is completed, the suspension will made available during opening hours or shipped back on the same day or the next, from Monday to Friday and depending on the availability of shipping services, for a delivery before 10AM on the next day, Monday to Saturday
  • PMB takes no responsibility regarding any factor that may slow down time to completion, including weather conditions, road trafic, the lack of availability of shipping services or the inability to receive shipments.

(d) Shipping suspensions to us

  • Suspension must be clean, otherwise a cleaning fee will be invoiced.
  • Packaging must be appropriate:
    • of the right size - not oversized,
    • protect the suspension with enough padding (paper, cardboard, foam or cloth, but no polystyrene particles or blocks),
    • clean - not dirty,
    • openable,
    • reusable.
  • Inappropriate packaging will be destroyed or recycled and then replaced at your cost. To avoid that you can order a flat pack parcel from us at a reduced cost before ordering.
  • Customer must make sure that suspensions are not damaged before shipping. PMB is not responsible for damaged that were not noticed by customers before shipping their suspension for service.
  • Suspensions can not be shipped with stick adhesive material directly on their surface or any time of stick material. Otherwise will have to pay for an additional cleaning service with billing based on the amount of work required. PMB is not liable for any loss of serviceability or usability of the suspension after the stick material was removed.

(e) Bringing suspension to us

  • You must have an appointment +41 76 572 25 46 ou
  • You can bring your bike so we unmount your suspension, but we can not keep your bike.
  • Suspension unmount will be invoiced depending on the time need.
  • We will not unmount suspension mounted with proprietary mounting systems.

(f) Shipping suspensions to you

  • Shipping costs to Switzerland is free if you order and pay using before shipping suspensions to us.
  • Delivery back to you generally takes 1 to 3 days.
  • You have to do what is necessary to receive the parcel, otherwise no responsibility will be taken if you fail to receive or retrieve the parcel.

(g) Retrieving suspensions from us

  • You must have an appointment +41 76 572 25 46 ou
  • Services must be paid before or during the appointment
  • No third party can retrieve your suspension unless you send us a written agreement.

(h) International orders

  • This paragraph is for order taken from customers located outside Switzerland.
  • Make sure to clearly mark the package as "temporary import for repair" or "return" but not as "merchandise" ou "sale of goods"; a printable sticker is available; if in doubt as to specify this, ask your shipping carrier.
  • Please ensure commercial value is listed at zero (or 1 CHF if your carrier will not accept a zero value).
  • Insurance is optional, but double check with your carrier that the insured value is not interpreted as the commercial value.
  • Any additional costs (import, shipping) will be billed to the customer.
  • We can not take responsibility for anything damaged during transit.

(i) Supported suspensions and service limitations

  • "Supported suspensions" are suspensions for which we can do services.
  • The list of supported suspensions is available on
  • We can not guarantee the serviceability of suspensions that have been neglected:
    • suspension brands generally recommend a minimum of one service every 125 hours of use
    • some suspensions require service after less than 125 hours of use
  • Repairs are limited by the availability of parts from brand manufacturers:
    • parts are generally available within 3 years after the release of a suspension model on the market,
    • limitations regarding the availability of parts applies after 3 years.
  • Not supported:
    • car suspensions
    • motorbike suspension
    • suspensions that are not for bicycles

(j) Payment

  • You can pay services in 3 different ways:
    • online,
    • e-banking,
    • directly at the workshop by card.
  • Payment with American Express cards will be billed for an added 10% of the total of the invoice.
  • E-Banking payments must used the following account: CH 03 0076 7000 R543 2824 2; name: PMB SUSPENSION; bank: BCV, Lausanne

(k) Service Warranty

  • Services are guaranteed for 3 months covering all possible defects related to the service (disassembly, reassembly, wear parts) but not: normal wear and tear, inappropriate use and neglect, all other types of warranties are excluded.
  • Disassembly of the suspension outside of PMB suspension will cancel the service warranty.
  • Warranty claims related to suspensions that were not sold by PMB Suspension will be invoiced to cover administrative work and must be paid immediately.
  • Warranty claims on unknown problems will be invoiced to cover the search of the problem; no refund will be provided if no problem is found.
  • Öhlins suspensions: warranty claims on known and ongoing issues will be processed without cost.
  • In case of replacement under warranty of all or part of the suspension, additional services will be invoiced according to manufacturer's policies.
  • In case of repair or replacement of a suspension paid by the manufacturer or its distributor, you can not fill for additional claims related to this suspension.
  • We take no responsibility for hidden manufacturing or design defects on suspensions brought by the customer but that have not been sold directly by PMB Suspension.
  • We takes no responsibility on bikes and parts bought second-hand, including second hand bikes previously used for competitive racing.
  • Shipping costs can never be refunded.

(l) Cancellation

  • If you cancel an order you will have to pay a cancellation fee: 50% of the order value and an additional fee if the cancellation incurred additional costs for PMB.
  • Cancellation is only possible before or during the service, not after.
  • If a service can not be completed because your suspension had not enough service before, PMB will cancel the service and a fee will be invoiced to cover the work that has been done
  • Re-assembly of suspensions with issues with be billed.

(m) Replaced parts

  • Replaced parts will be recycled or destroyed
  • You can ask for replaced parts to be returned but we will only do so if it is feasible and you pay for the related costs.

n) Professional customers

  • General terms and conditions also apply to professional customers.
  • Professional customers are individuals and companies with significant revenues coming from cycling or motorcycling.
  • No exception to the conditions without prior agreement.
  • Orders can be denied.
  • Payment:
    • payment must be on the same day the invoice is emitted,
    • no payment after 10/20/30 days without prior agreement,
    • late payment will not be tolerated - customer agree to any legal consequences related to late payment.
  • Prices:
    • applicables prices are listed on
    • no discount without prior agreement, an advance payment based on a minimum order quantity may apply.
  • Products and services available to professional customers:
    • suspension services
    • new suspensions
    • suspensions upgrades, mounting hardware, springs
  • Products and services not available to professional customers:
    • service kits, seals, oil
    • hydraulic components
    • tools
  • Order taking:
    • orders must be taken using or using the PMB Suspension service form,
    • ordering using the site or the service form mean accepting ALL the conditions and prices,
    • for orders with the service form:
      • Billing start when a service starts,
      • An intermediate invoice might be emitted for orders that can not be entirely completed in less than a week.
  • Special cases:
    • No service will be done on suspensions for which services is not possible anymore. You will be notified. An administrative fee and return cost will be billed.
    • A surcharge will be applied to suspensions too late for service in order to cover additional work
  • Remote controls:
    • Remote controls are not taken care of during service. Professional customers are in charge of the remote control setup on the bike. No remote control work will be done except on Rockshox hydraulic remotes (not cable-based).
    • Professional customers must have the tools and knowledge to work on remote controls.
  • Express service = service on the same day the suspension is delivered to PMB + express shipping:
    • Same day service: service will start on the same day the suspension is delivered and completed on that same day only if technically possible. Related added fee can never be refunded.
    • Express shipping: shipping on the day service is completed (if completed before 2PM) or the next day (if completed after 2PM) with guaranteed delivery before 10AM on the next day. Related added fee can never be refunded.
    • Customers can choose between:
      • same day service only with non-express shipping
      • express shipping with no same day service
      • same day service AND express shipping
  • Additional works and components:
    • Additional work and components needed to complete the service order that cost a total of less than 99 CHF will be carried right away in order to fasten service turnaround.
    • If additional work and components are needed for an amount of more than 99 CHF
      • PMB will inform you and let you decide,
      • you have 5 working days to take a decision, no extension without prior agreement,
      • after 5 working days:
        • the original proposal is void: price and availability might not be the same,
        • the service order will be cancelled and a fee will be billed for cancellation, taking into account all related costs,
      • if you decide to not order the additional work and component, the service will be cancelled and a fee will be billed for cancellation, taking into account all related costs.

o) Special requests

  • Any request of service with special requirements outside of normal services will be billed.
  • Any request for faster shipment without prior payment of express shipment will be denied.
  • Any request for faster service without prior payment of express service will be denied.


(a) Prices

  • Prices are set by PMB Suspension.
  • Prices can be modified without notice.
  • Professional customers: no discount without prior agreement

(b) Delivery

  • Time to delivery for products in stock is generally 24-48H in Switzerland but can change without warning depending on the availability of shipping services.

(c) Order taking

  • We reserve the right to refuse an order.
  • Reasons for refusal can be but are not limited to:
    • difficulties with previous orders,
    • unpaid invoices,
    • not stock available.

(d) Product compatibility

  • You must check if the product you want to purchase is compatible with your bike or practice.
  • PMB Suspension can not be held responsible for incompatibility between the product and the bike including any bike-related factor preventing the product from being used effectively, including but not limited to:
    • the lack of proper mounting hardware,
    • the lack of space,
    • tolerance issues,
    • manufacturing defects of the parts owned by the customer,
    • the lack of proper service,
    • modifications that are not recommended by the bike manufacturer or product manufacturer.

(e) Options and modifications

  • Some products can be ordered with optional modifications.
  • Products sold with a modification at your request can never be returned.
  • If you order a product with a modification it will be delivered with the modification already made.
  • You can reverse a modification if it is technically possible and if you pay for the service and the parts required to do it.
  • For modifications involving the replacement of parts of a product, the replaced parts will not be delivered to you without an additional payment.

(f) Warranty

  • Nothing lasts indefinitely so use your judgment to assess whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy.
  • To expedite warranty requests, send us as much detail as possible to:, including the order number, purchase date, product brand, description and pictures of the defect.
  • The warranty terms are first and foremost the manufacturer's warranty terms, with additional terms defined by PMB (see below). Customers can reach to the manufacturer to know the detailed warranty terms and conditions.
  • Additional terms:
    • Warranty is only for the original buyer.
    • For suspension products, the warranty is only applicable when the suspension is serviced on time.
    • Warranty is lost when the product is sold to a third party. No warranty on second-hand products.
    • Additional costs may occur, including labor, parts and shipping costs.
    • Parts replaced through a warranty process can not be kept by customers.
    • In case of repair or replacement of a suspension paid by the manufacturer or its distributor, you can not fill for additional claims related to this suspension.
    • We takes no responsibility for hidden manufacturing or design defects on suspensions that we have not sold directly.
    • Shipping costs can never be refunded.
    • As soon as parts or products claimed under warranty are physically made available at PMB, you have 30 days to claim these. After that the warranty cased will be closed. Re-opening a warranty claim is not possible.
    • Any abuse of the warranty process will void the warranty.
    • Warranty is void if the product is re-sold.

(i) International Orders

  • International orders are defined by orders taken from customers outside of Switzerland, with shipping to other countries than Switzerland
  • By ordering on this site you agree that your order will be handled under Swiss laws and regulations

(f) Cancellation

  • Orders can only be cancelled before the order is delivered.
  • Cancelled orders will be refunded.
  • A cancellation fee will apply for orders with significant costs for PMB Suspension. Cancellation fee can be up to 50% of the total value of the order.
  • Cancellation is not possible for products built to customer's specifications such has, but not limited to:
    • custom suspensions
    • forks with the pivot cut to the customer's need (cut made by PMB or any 3rd party)
    • custom parts

(g) Returns

  • All payments are non-refundable
  • We will only exchange products when products are "materially different" (see: Buyer Dispute)
  • Damage caused by shipping must be reported and documented within 7 days of receipt
  • Incorrect or defective products must be reported and documented within 7 days of receipt
  • PMB reserve the right to accept a return
  • After PMB accept a return, product must be returned within 10 business days
  • Products that show any sign of use will not be exchanged
  • PMB Suspension can not be held accountable for late delivery after a request for return
  • PMB Suspension can not be held accountable for late delivery due to incomplete shipping adresses
  • No returns or exchanges on sale items
  • No returns or exchanges on products modified by the customer
  • No returns or exchanges on products damaged by the customer

(i) Shipping to the US

  • US customers looking to buy products from us must organize shipping themselves with the carrier of their choice and must keep us up to date. This is due to overly long delays from US customs and carriers.


    Buyers have to fill a complaint within 30 days after delivery. Complaints can be filled for "materially different" products.

    Items are considered "materially different" in these circumstances: 

    • Wrong version
    • Item condition or details not as described
    • Wrong item
    • Missing parts or components
    • Defective item
    • Damaged item

    When submitting a claim with the reason "materially different," you will need to select one of the reasons above and provide comments explaining why the item you received is materially different from the item you purchased. Please note that this does not extend to cases where you are simply disappointed with an item or cases where you used the product or damaged it yourself. We will ultimately determine material difference at our discretion.

    Complaints must be sent to the following address: