The following prices are only for riders who bring or ship their suspension to PMB Suspension themselves. Before ordering it is recommended to check the terms & conditions. For any question: 076 572 25 46 /



  • Service: disassembly and re-assembly of the suspension with replacement of the worn-out seals, oils, grease and Loctite, required by suspension brand at least once a year
  • PRO Service: full service with premium seals and grease for improved performance and durability
  • Upgrade: replacement of part of the suspension to improve performance
  • Repair: restoration to a good, working condition



Services = disassembly and reassembly with replacement of wear parts. Services are not repairs.

Service Type Cost (CHF) Link
Fork Service

179 CHF except DH forks: 199 CHF and special cases

Pro service: +20 CHF

All services for forks
Shock Service

179 CHF except special cases

Pro service: +20 CHF

All services for shocks
Service with Upgrade 325 to 950 CHF All services including upgrades
Repair, issue resolution and all work outside of services and repairs with set prices

200 CHF / hour; minimum charge 50 CHF

Include: discussion with customer, identification of root cause issue, identification of solution, mechanical work and any other operation required. Parts not included.


  • Supported suspensions:
    • Fox (except ICD/IRD, DRCV and Brain)
    • Rockshox (except RS-1, Vivid Air and Brain)
    • Öhlins (except STX22: service ended in 2020)
    • Marzocchi (except suspensions sold before 2018)
  • Unsupported suspensions:
    • Suspensions with more than 5 years without services should be replaced
    • Suspensions that are more than 10 years old
    • SR Suntour
    • Sorry we do no service:
      • Marzocchi from before 2018
      • STX22 (support ended in 2020)
      • RS-1, Vivid Air, Brain, DYAD, Gemini
      • Cane Creek, DT Swiss, Magura, MRP, BOS, EXT, XFusion, Push, Motion
  • Broken suspension: customers should ask for a repair before ordering a service
  • Suspensions with no spare parts anymore: service will be limited to operations that are still possible

Special Cases

  • DH forks: 199 CHF
  • Any suspension with non-standard parts: additional costs to be paid based on requirements (except for Vorsprung parts)



All repair work is charged 200 CHF / hour. Minimum charge 50 CHF. Parts are not included.

Some repairs services are listed for other repair services

Price range for general parts:

  • new air can: from 59 CHF
  • new air shaft: from 69 CHF
  • new CSU: ~30% of the cost of a new fork
  • new lower legs: ~30% of the cost of a new fork
  • new damping cartridge: ~30% of the cost of a new fork



Services are generally completed 4-5 days after the delivery of suspensions to the workshop but it is possible to accelerate service with the following options:

Fast Service Options (cost per suspension) Cost
Express Service: service on the same day the suspension is delivered +25 CHF
Express Shipping: next day delivery after completion of service, before 10AM Monday to Saturday +25 CHF
Express Service + Express Shipping +50 CHF



Administrative Fees Cost
Order sent without any mistake or missing information 0 CHF
Orders sent with mistakes or missing information 25 CHF
Orders sent with no paper form or no corresponding online order (customer have to fill one or the other) 50 CHF
Orders sent with unsupported or non-salvageable suspensions 75 CHF