The following prices are only for riders who bring or ship their suspension to PMB Suspension themselves. Before ordering it is recommended to check the terms & conditions. For any question: 076 572 25 46 /


  • Service: disassembly and re-assembly of the suspension with replacement of the worn-out seals, oils, grease and Loctite, required by suspension brand at least once a year
  • Upgrade: replacement of part of the suspension to improve performance
  • Repair: restoration to a good, working condition


Fork and rear shock services are all priced at 179 CHF (179 CHF per suspension, except special cases)

Service Type Cost Link
Fork Service

179 CHF

Except DH forks: 199 CHF and special cases

See all services for forks
Shock Service

179 CHF

Except special cases

See all services for shocks
Service with Upgrade Depends on the upgrade(s) See all services including upgrades
Repair Depends on the repair(s)

Additonal service levels

  • 50H Service: mid-season service, only for lower legs or air an, upon request
  • PRO Service: full service with premium seals and grease for improved performance and durability
Fox 2.1

Fox Services

Ohlins 2.2

Öhlins Services

Rockshox 2.3

Rockshox Services

Marzocchi 2.4

Marzocchi Services

SR Suntour 3.1

SR Suntour Services

Vorsprung 3.3

Vorsprung Upgrades

Swiss Post

Shipping Service

Long Box Rajapack



  • Supported suspensions:
    • Fox (except ICD/IRD, DRCV and Brain)
    • Rockshox (except RS-1, Vivid Air and Brain)
    • Öhlins (except STX22: service ended in 2020)
    • Marzocchi (except suspensions sold before 2018)
    • SR Suntour
  • Unsupported suspensions:
    • Suspensions with more than 5 years without services should be replaced
    • Suspensions that are more than 10 years old
    • Marzocchi from before 2018; STX22 (service ended in 2020), RS-1, Vivid Air, Brain, DYAD, Gemini, Cane Creek, DT Swiss, Magura, MRP, BOS, EXT, XFusion, Push, Motion
  • Broken suspension: customers should ask for a repair before ordering a service
  • Suspensions with no spare parts anymore: service will be limited to operations that are still possible

Special Cases

  • Öhlins DH38: 199 CHF
  • Any suspension with non-standard parts: additional costs to be paid based on requirements (except for Vorsprung parts)


Repair Types Cost

Repairs with no influence on the time of service

Price of the part(s) added to the price of service
Repairs requiring no new parts Hourly rate 179 CHF
Repairs requiring new parts Price of the part(s) added to the price of service + hourly rate 179 CHF

Some repairs services are listed for other repair services



Services are generally completed 4-5 days after the delivery of suspensions to the workshop but it is possible to accelerate service with the following options:

Fast Service Options (cost per suspension) Cost
Express Service: service on the same day the suspension is delivered 25 CHF
Express Shipping: next day delivery after completion of service, before 9AM Monday to Saturday 25 CHF
Express Service + Express Shipping 50 CHF

Direct service on appointment

Appointment must be set 24H in advance. Only possible for service and repairs that do not require out-of-stock parts.

50 CHF


Parts Price Range
Additional service kit (special cases) Price of the additional service kit + price of additional work
Disc spring (Boxxer, Lyrik..) 10 CHF
New body for air shocks From 59 CHF
Travel change (Fox, Rockshox) From 69 CHF
New CSU or Lower Legs 30% of the cost of a new fork
New damping cartridge 149 to 699 CHF


Administrative Fees Cost
Order sent without any mistake or missing information 0 CHF
Orders sent with mistakes or missing information 25 CHF
Orders sent with no paper form or no corresponding online order (customer have to fill one or the other) 50 CHF
Orders sent with unsupported or non-salvageable suspensions 75 CHF


Operation Cost
Cleaning of dirty suspension 25 CHF
Rear shock decontamination (ultra sound cleaning) 50 CHF
Fork decontamination (ultra sound cleaning) 75 CHF


Services at hourly cost Cost
Mechanical work (minimum 15mn: 45 CHF) 180 CHF
Consulting and expertise (minimum 15mn: 75 CHF) 300 CHF
Racing service for teams and brands (minimum 8H: 1600 CHF, does not include travel-related costs) 200 CHF


Wrapping and shipping services Cost

900x200x200 box shipped by PMB Suspension for shipping at PMB Suspension

PMB Suspension will cancel orders for boxes that are not intended for services at PMB Suspension

3 CHF for online orders
Shipping cost for 1x Fork or 1x Fork + 1x Shock

0 CHF for online orders

15 CHF for paper-based orders

Shipping cost for 1x Shock

0 CHF for online orders

12 CHF for paper-based orders

900x200x200 box 10 CHF
Rear shock box 5 CHF
Wrapping of contaminating, oily or dirty parts Minimum 10 CHF
Destruction or recycling of inappropriate or oversized boxes (cost for each box) Minimum 25 CHF, depends on size

Destruction of polystyrene packagings (blocks or bals) or wedging particles

Minimum 15 CHF, depends on volume


Cancellation Fees Cost
Cancellation before service (per suspension, return cost included) 75 CHF
Suspension reassembly without service (non-functional) 75 CHF
Suspension reassembly without service (functional when possible) 150 CHF
Cancellation while service is ongoing 150 CHF


Warranty Fees Cost

Warranty fee for suspensions sold and invoiced by PMB

Warranty terms and conditions for suspensions sold by PMB = manufacturer warranty


Warranty fee for suspensions sold and invoiced by a seller that is not PMB

For manufacturer warranties. A favorable answer is not guaranteed: it depends on the manufacturer's terms & conditions; the customer might have to pay for additional costs in order to fix the suspension. Manufacturers take generally between 3 and 4 weeks to give an answer.

100 CHF

Root cause investigation (hourly rate)

Required when the cause is unknown and might be a product design issue or manufacturing defect

200 CHF (hourly rate)

Reassembly fee

Applicable when the manufacturer is supplying replacement parts but not covering the reassembly costs

179 CHF (hourly rate)