How to order a service

To order a service follow this process:

1/ carefully unmount the suspensions from your bike

2/ fill the service form

3/ put the service form and the suspensions in a parcel

4/ send the parcel to this address:

PMB Suspension

Route de Châtel-Saint-Denis 38

1805 Jongny


What happen after the parcel is sent?

We receive it, then we proceed with the service as soon as possible. If something is unclear or need your validation we will contact you.


Where can I find the service form?

Click here:




















Which carrier?

The Swiss Post drop by every morning so it is the easiest. DPD, DHL and UPS also drop by every day.


With tracking?

We recommend it.


With signature?

Not recommended. It does not help in any way and it prevent the carriers to leave the parcel at the workshop outside of opening hours, which delay everything.


How to pack?

Keep in mind that we will re-use your parcel to ship the suspension back, otherwise an appropriate box will be invoiced to you. Here is our recommendations:

1. Use a rectangular, box, not a sleeve or anything fragile, if you don't have the right box, we can send you one for a low price: Rajapack box

2. Make sure that suspensions can't move in the box

3. Fill the box with paper, bubble wrap or foam but not polystyrene balls, which are not made for suspension and can cause unwanted contamination


Delivery in person

Suspensions can be delivered in person at the workshop after booking a meeting; call us before dropping by. Full bikes can not be left at the workshop. The removal of suspensions from bikes is a paid service and only available for non-proprietary mounting systems.


Shipping back to you

All suspensions are shipped back using Swiss Post Priority service. Delivery is next day, Monday to Friday. If you have special needs then let us know.


What if shipping is delayed?

Check with your carrier. We can not be held responsible of delays that can happen on the carrier side.