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MTB Suspension Services by PMB Suspension

Wonder what happens in a PMB Suspension service? Here is the step-by-step:

  • Inspection: check for function and any damage
  • If the suspension does not pass for standard service: quote sent by email for approval
  • Complete teardown
  • Cleaning and inspection of all internal parts
  • Replacement of worn parts: O-rings, X-ring, glide ring, seal head - when applicable
  • Replacement of dust wiper seals by SKF version when applicable
  • Forks: replacement of foams
  • Replacement of sealing grease by superior Fuchs Renolit CaH92
  • Replacement of function grease with superior silicon-based grease or proprietary anti-friction grease
  • Bushing adjustment when applicable
  • Full reassembly of the suspension
  • Bleed with vaccum system with Laba7 automatic pump for perfect bleeding
  • Nitrogen charge
  • Complete hand dyno testing of functions: compression, rebound, lockout
  • Installation of new o-ring SAG indicator when applicable
  • PMB sticker certifying a factory warranty on parts and 3 months on labor

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Fox F F40 / F38 / F36 / F34 / F32/34 XC


RP / VAN/DHX Coil / X/DHX Air

Rockshox F

Boxxer / ZEB / Lyrik / Pike / Yari / Revelation35 / SID/Reba


Deluxe / Super Deluxe / Monarch / Monarch PlusVivid Coil / Kage

Öhlins F DH38 / RXF38 / RXF36 / RXF34
Marzocchi F 58 / Z1 / Z2

F = Forks, S = Shocks

Services with Upgrades

Fox F F40 / F38 / F36 / F34
Rockshox F

Boxxer / ZEB / Lyrik / Pike / Yari / Revelation


Super Deluxe Air / Super Deluxe Coil

Öhlins F RXF36
Marzocchi F 58 / Z1

Service Levels

  • Level 1: mid-season limited service for lower legs (forks) and air can (shocks)
  • Level 2 = Full Service: full service of the suspension as described above
  • Level 3: Full service with higher grade grease and oil
  • Level 4: Full service with replacement of seal head when applicable
  • Level 5: Service level 3+4

Supported Suspensions

  • All suspensions from supported brands that are less than 10 years old
  • Fox: all models except ICD/IRD, Brain, Reaktiv, Isostrut, DYAD, Gemini
  • Rockshox all models except RS-1, Vivid Air, Brain and Reaktiv
  • Öhlins: all models except STX22
  • Marzocchi: all models released since 2018
  • Vorsprung-upgraded suspensions: all models
  • Suspensions with Öhlins upgrades: all models
  • SR Suntour: limited support
  • Not supported: Cane Creek, DT Swiss, DVO, EXT, Formula, Lefty, MRP, Scott Equalizer, XFusion

Not sure if your suspension is supported? contact us or give us a call +41 76 572 25 46


Service price is the same for all suspensions that do not require repairs:

  • Single crown forks: 179 CHF
  • Double crown forks: 199 CHF
  • Shocks: 179 CHF


  • Vorsprung upgrades: Luftkappe, Smashpot, Secus, Tractive
  • Öhlins upgrades: TTX18, EVO, RXF air spring generation 2


Valving service is available for the following suspensions:

  • Öhlins: all models
  • Fox: GRIP2, GRIP, X2, DHX2
  • Rockshox: Super Deluxe Air, Super Deluxe Coil, Monarch Plus


General modification:

  • Travel change
  • Size change
  • Cylinder head conversion

Learn more about modifications

Repair Costs

  • Most repairs costs between 15% and 40% of the cost of a new suspension
  • No repair if the cost of an equivalent new suspension is close to the cost of the repair
  • We can provide general costs by e-mail or by phone, but need the suspension on location for a precise estimate

Shipping Costs

  • Long box + shipping the long box (empty, ready to use) to you: 5 CHF
  • Shipping with tracking (Switzerland):
    • 1 shock: 10 CHF
    • 1 fork: 15 CHF
    • 1 fork + 1 shock: 15 CHF
    • Express shipping surcharge +25 CHF

    Hourly Rate

    • For all work outside of pre-defined services, 200 CHF / hour, minimum charge 15mns

    Special Services

    • Custom work surcharge, for services falling outside of pre-defined services: minimum 50 CHF
    • Fork stickers replacement: 50 CHF (stickers not included)
    • Warranty service for suspensions bought from other sellers: 100 CHF (1)

    Packaging Costs

    • Long box: 5 CHF
    • Extra long box: 7 CHF
    • Shock box: 3 CHF

    Recycling Costs

    • Destruction of polystyrene packagings (blocks and balls) and wedging particles: minimum 15 CHF - do not use this type of packaging to send your suspension, these are toxic for the environment and expensive to dispose of
    • Suspensions and parts:
      • Assemblies: 15 to 25 CHF
      • Forks: 40 CHF
      • Shocks: 25 CHF

    Other Costs

    • Same day express service surcharge: +50 CHF (order and service on the same day)
    • Order cancelled due to unsupported or non-salvageable suspensions: depending on costs
    • Service cancellation: 75 CHF
    • Reassembly without service: 150 CHF
    • Bike storage: 50 CHF / day - only with previous agreement
    • Fork storage: 5 CHF / day - for forks with completed service left here for more than a week without previous agreement
    • Shock storage: 1 CHF / day - for shocks with completed service left here for more than a week without previous agreement
    • Decontamination with ultra-sound cleaner:
      • Fork: +50 to +75 CHF
      • Shock: +25 to +50 CHF


    (1) For manufacturer warranties. A favorable answer is not guaranteed: it depends on the manufacturer's terms & conditions; according to manufacturers terms & conditions, the customer may have to pay for additional costs in order to fix the suspension. Manufacturers take generally between 3 and 4 weeks to provide an answer. Know more about warranty under Swiss law.


    PMB Suspension started professional suspensions service in Switzerland in 2012. All services are done in agreement with related brands. PMB Suspension is ran by Luc Byhet, Cytech Master Technician Level 4, part of the Öhlins team on World Cup stages in Switzerland since 2018. PMB Suspension is based in south-west Switzerland.