Öhlins DH38 Technical Informations


Last update: October 2020


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Service Intervals

Minimum service interval: 1 full service every 100H of use or every year

Maintenance Interval
Clean dirt and debris from front fork Every ride
Check air pressure and set sag Every ride
Check torque on front fork mounting bolts Every ride
Remove lowers, clean and inspect bushings and seals, change oil bath if necessary 50 hours
Full front fork air spring service 100 hours/1 year
Remove and clean lowers, replace seals and bump rubbers, change oil bath 100 hours/1 year
Full front fork damping cartridge service 100 hours/1 year


Crown bolt torque

Bolts Order Torque
Bottom (4x) Bottom Right-Top Right-Bottom Left-Top Left 8NM


Öhlins DH38 / DH38 M.1 Air Pressure

Rider Weight Ramp Up Chamber (bottom valve - pressurize first) Main Chamber (upper valve - pressurize after Ramp Up Chamber) 
50-60 kg 200-210 psi 80-95 psi
60-70 kg 210-220 psi 95-110 psi
70-80 kg 215-225 psi 110-125 psi

80-90 kg

225-230 psi 125-140 psi
90-100 kg 230-240 psi 140-155 psi
100-110 kg 240-245 psi 155-170 psi
110-120 kg 245-255 psi 170-185 psi


  • If you want to change air pressure, always adjust the Ramp Up chamber first (bottom valve) and then adjust the Main Chamber; without doing that the spring will have travel and/or balance issues.
  • Reset to original ride position: after reducing the air pressure in the main chamber, the fork need to be restored to its original travel. For instance, lowering pressure from 130 to 80 psi will lower travel. The only way to restore travel is then to pull the handlebar up while the wheel it kept to the ground and repeat the extension 10 cycles until original travel is restored.


Service Kits

Part Number Description Note! Price (CHF)
19237-01 Service kit chassis DH38    
18850-12 Service Kit Air Spring RXF34/RXF36/RXF38/DH38 Only available with a service Not available to the public
18850-13 Rebuild Kit Air Spring RXF34/RXF36/RXF38/DH38 Only available with a service Not available to the public
18786-03 Service Kit Damper TTX 18mm - universal kit for RXF36 / RXF38 / DH38 / Fox 40 / Boxxer Only available with a service Not available to the public


Crown Set

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19233-08 DH38 Crown set Offset 46  
19233-12 DH38 Crown set Offset 50  
19233-16 DH38 Crown set Offset 54  
19233-20 DH38 Crown set Offset 58  



Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19232-01 DH38 Stanchion (1x)  


Lower Legs

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19231-01 DH38 Lower leg unit  


Complete Air Spring Cartridges

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19240-08 DH38 m.1 Air Spring 200mm  
19240-09 DH38m.1 Air Spring 180mm  


  • Previously available parts include: 18240-07 (180mm, original DH38), 18240-06 (200mm, original DH38)


Air Spring travel upgrade kit


  • All Öhlins forks can use the same air spring rebuild kits but not all fork can run all travel: DH38 chassis is compatible with travel from 150 to 200mm
Part Number Description Note! Price (CHF)
18976-04 Air spring rebuild to 150 mm kit    
18976-05 Air spring rebuild to 160 mm kit    
18976-06 Air spring rebuild to 170 mm kit    
18976-07 Air spring rebuild to 180 mm kit    
- Air spring rebuild to 190 mm kit Does not exist  
18976-10 Air spring rebuild to 200 mm kit    


Small parts

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
18850-04 Hose Clamp  
19236-01 DH38 Wheel Shaft 20/110  
19238-01 DH38 Fork Bumpers (2x) TBD
19239-01 DH38 Sticker Kit Yellow TBD
19239-02 DH38 Sticker Kit White TBD
19243-05 DH38 Base cap nut TBD
19244-01 DH38 Spare Cartridge Knobs (air spring & damper, top & bottom)  

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