Öhlins DH38 Technical Informations

DH38 Part Information

Last update: June 2020

Prices are subject to change

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Parts that highlighted in blue are only available through a service from PMB or a qualified Öhlins service center

Parts that highlighted in grey are no longer available


Service Kits

Part Number Description Service Interval Note! Price (CHF)
19237-01 Service kit chassis DH38 50H   55 CHF
18850-12 Service Kit Air Spring DH / RXF 50H Replace 19242-02 32 CHF
19242-02 (old) Service Kit Air Spring DH 50H   32 CHF
18786-02 Service Kit Cartridge TTX18 DH & RXF 100H Replace 19242-03 59 CHF
19242-03 (old) Service Kit Cartridge TTX18 DH 100H Also for TTX18 Boxxer and TTX18 Fox 40 59 CHF

Crown Set

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19233-08 DH38 Crown set Offset 46 390 CHF
19233-12 DH38 Crown set Offset 50 390 CHF
19233-16 DH38 Crown set Offset 54 390 CHF
19233-20 DH38 Crown set Offset 58 390 CHF


Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19232-01 DH38 Stanchion (1x) 195 CHF

Lower Legs

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19231-01 DH38 Lower leg unit 390 CHF

Complete Damping Cartridges

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19241-06 DH38 TTX18 Cartridge 790 CHF
19241-01 Boxxer 2010-2018 TTX18 Cartridge 690 CHF
TBD Boxxer 2018+ TTX18 Cartridge 690 CHF
19241-02 Fox 40 TTX18 Cartridge 690 CHF

Complete Air Spring Cartridges

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19240-06 DH38 Air Spring 200mm 390 CHF
19240-07 DH38 Air Spring 180mm 390 CHF

Small parts

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
18850-04 Hose Clamp 9 CHF
19236-01 DH38 Wheel Shaft 20/110 69 CHF
19238-01 DH38 Fork Bumpers (2x) TBD
19239-01 DH38 Sticker Kit Yellow TBD
19239-02 DH38 Sticker Kit White TBD
19243-05 DH38 Base cap nut TBD
19244-01 DH38 Spare Cartridge Knobs (air spring & damper, top & bottom) 49 CHF

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