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Service Intervals

Minimum service interval: 1 full service every 100H of use or every year

Maintenance Interval
Clean dirt and debris from front fork Every ride
Check air pressure and set sag Every ride
Check torque on front fork mounting bolts Every ride
Remove lowers, clean and inspect bushings and seals, change oil bath if necessary 50 hours
Full front fork air spring service 100 hours/1 year
Remove and clean lowers, replace seals and bump rubbers, change oil bath 100 hours/1 year
Full front fork damping cartridge service 100 hours/1 year


Service Kits

Part Number Description Price (CHF) Notes
19237-01 Service Kit Chassis RXF38 55 CHF Same as DH38
18850-12 Service kit air spring 100h RXF34/RXF36/RXF38/DH38 N/A Same for all Öhlins forks
18850-13 Rebuild kit air spring RXF34/RXF36/RXF38/DH38 N/A  
18786-03 Service Kit Damper TTX 18mm - universal kit for RXF36 / RXF38 / DH38 N/A  
18881-04 Bushing kit RXF38 5 pack N/A  

N/A: Not available to the public, only available with a service


Chassis Parts

Part Number Description Price (CHF) Notes
19248-01 RXF38 CSU m.1 Offset 44 590  
19248-02 RXF38 CSU m.2 / p.2 Offset 44 590  
19248-03 RXF38 CSU m.2 Offset 51 590  
19248-04 RXF38 CSU m.2 Offset 44L 590  
19231-02 Lower Leg unit RXF38 m.1 / DH38 m.1 490  
19231-03 Lower Leg unit RXF38 m.2 490  


Damping Cartridges

Part Number Description Price (CHF) Notes
19241-08 RXF38 m.1 TTX18 Cartridge 790 CHF  
19241-09 RXF38 m.2 TTX18 Cartridge 790 CHF  


Complete Air Spring Cartridges

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
19240-10 DH38 m.1 Air Spring 160mm  
19240-11 DH38 m.1 Air Spring 170mm  
19240-12 DH38 m.1 Air Spring 180mm  
19240-13 DH38 m.2 Air Spring 160mm  
19240-14 DH38 m.2 Air Spring 180mm  
19240-15 DH38 m.2 Air Spring 170mm  


Small parts

Part Number Description Price (CHF)
18850-04 Hose Clamp 9
- RXF38 Wheel Axle  
19239-04 RXF38 m.1 Sticker kit White 45
19239-03 RXF38 m.1 Sticker kit Yellow 45
19239-06 RXF38 m.2 Sticker kit White 45
19239-05 RXF38 m.2 Sticker kit Yellow 45

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