Supported Models

  • Forks: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
  • Air Shocks:
    • Current: Float (2023+), Float SL (2023+), Float X, Float X2 (except Float X2 2016-2017)
    • Legacy: DPS, CTD, RP2, RP23, DPX2
  • Coil Shocks: DHX, DHX2, DHX RC2/RC4, Van RC
  • Proprietary: Scott Nude based on Fox Float (Nude DPS, Nude CTD, Float X Nude)
  • Forks: SID, Reba, Revelation, 30, 35, Domain, Pike, Yari, Lyrik, Zeb, Boxxer, Judy, Recon, Rudy, Bluto
  • Air Shocks:
    • Current: Deluxe, Super Deluxe Air, SIDLuxe
    • Legacy: Monarch, Monarch Plus (Vivid Air is not supported anymore)
    • Coil: Super Deluxe Coil, Deluxe Coil, Vivid Coil
    • Proprietary: Reaktiv (RE:Aktiv), Thru-shaft and Scott Nude based on Rockshox
  • Forks: DH38, RXF38, RXF36, RXF34, RXC34
  • Shocks: TTX22m, TTX22m.2, TTX Air, TTX1Air, TTX2Air, TXC2Air, TXC1Air (STX22 is not supported anymore)
  • Forks: Bomber Z1, Z2, 58
  • Shocks: Bomber CR, Bomber Air
  • DPS Re:aktiv
  • Deluxe Re:aktiv Thru-shaft
  • Super Deluxe Thru-shaft
Scott Nude:
  • Nude4 DPS
  • Nude DPS
  • Nude CTD


  • Fox 32 Evolution, Fox 34 Evolution: due to recurring issues and the increasingly limited availability of parts, full service on these forks is not possible anymore
  • Super Deluxe Flight Attendant: service can take longer than normal


  • "Brain"
  • Öhlins STX22: support ended in 2022 - can be replaced by TTX22m
  • Fox Float X2 2016-2017
  • Fox DYAD, Gemini, DRCV, X2 2016-2017
  • Fox TALAS
  • Rockshox Vivid Air (coil is ok), RS-1
  • Marzocchi from before 2018

Supported Fox Forks

Black and anodized variations are also supported

Supported Fox Shocks

Supported Rockshox Forks

Supported Rockshox Shocks

Supported Öhlins Forks

Supported Öhlins Shocks

Supported Marzocchi Suspensions