Action Service Fox 36 + Upgrades
CHF 251.00

15% off a Fox 36 full service with upgrades


  • Full PRO Service with anti-friction Racing Bros seals
  • Possible upgrades: Vorsprung Luftkappe air piston or Smashpot COIL system and/or Fox GRIP2 2021 cartridge


  • Fox 36 Factory/Performance Elite/Performance 2016+: compatible with Luftkappe, Smashpot and Grip2
  • Fox 36 E-bike specific 2019+: compatible with Grip2 only, NO Luftkappe or Smashpot
  • Fox 36 Rhythm 2018+: compatible with Smashpot and Grip2, NO Luftkappe
  • Fox 36 2015: compatible with Smashpot and Luftkappe, NO Grip2
  • Fox 36 TALAS 2015+ 27.5: compatible with Smashpot, 180 or 160 mm, NO Grip2 or Luftkappe
  • Fox 36 TALAS 2015+ 29: compatible with Smashpot, 170 or 160 mm, NO Grip2 or Luftkappe
  • Marzocchi Z1 (based on Fox 36): compatible with Grip 2 and Smashpot (up to 180mm for 27.5", 170 for 29"), NO Luftkappe

Parts come with a 2-years warranty

Travel change with Smashpot

  • The Smashpot coil system can achieve any travel from 120 to 180mm without additional modification of the fork
  • Reach us at if you want a travel change during the upgrade


  • Important: travel change is only possible within the limits of the fork, we will check for you what is possible
  • Only for customers based in Switzerland
  • Time to delivery is indicative and subject to change based on the availability of part

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