Action Service Fox 40 + Upgrades
CHF 670.00


  • Full Pro Service with anti-friction Racing Bros seals
  • Possible upgrades: Fox GRIP2 2021 cartridge or Öhlins TTX18 cartridge
  • Shipping back to you (added cost during checkout)

How it works

  • After payment you send us the fork
  • Service and upgrade will be made and then we ship the fork back to you
  • Online payment is fully secured
  • Important: do not order this service if your fork need to be repaired, if that is the case order a repair first


  • During season a 2-3 weeks delay for the delivery of the cartridge is possible
  • If you want to optimize the timeline for delivery, order the service and then synchronize with us to check when is the best time to send the fork to perform the service and upgrade

Order & Shipment