Fox 32 Fork Services
CHF 179.00

For Fox forks with 32mm stanchions


  • Full service of the fork with disassembly, remplacement of wear parts, reassembly and testing
  • Replacement of wiper seals and other wear parts
  • Lower legs service
  • Damper and spring service


  • Service Remote: service of the remote control with new cable and housing
  • 2018+ Remote FIT4 Top Cap: new updated remote top cap interface for remote controls
  • FIT4 2020 or GRIP: new hydraulic damper:
    • (M) = manual adjustments
    • (R/PTL) = remote-controlled adjustments / "Push-to-Lock"


Series Support
F32 Factory/Performance/Rhythm with FIT, FIT4 or GRIP 100%
F32 2013-2017 FIT iCD/iRD Upgrade to GRIP or FIT4 is mandatory
2012-2015 Evolution Damper upgrade to GRIP or FIT4 highly recommended

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