Fox 32 Service Level 3: Service Packs
CHF 499.00

Full Service with upgrades for Fox 32mm stanchions and FIT4, Grip or FIT cartridges


  • Full PRO service of the fork with high grade oil, seals and grease
  • Replacement of the wipers with Racing Bros anti-friction wipers
  • Damper bleed with Motorex high performance oil
  • Proprietary anti-friction grease to reduce friction by 20-30%
  • High grade assembly grease for improved resistance to wear


Fox FIT4 cartridge upgrade

  • Fourth-generation FOX Isolated Technology (FIT4)
  • Open / Medium / Firm mode compression adjustment
  • Low-Speed Compression adjustment
  • Rebound adjustment
  • same cartridge as Fox 32 Factory forks
  • important: remote version is available but the remote must be purchased separately if needed
  • Remote version: Push-To-Lock

MRP Ramp Control Fox model C

  • provide 16 clicks external adjustment for air volume
  • only for Fox 32 FIT4/Grip 80-130
  • not compatible with 140-150 forks
  • not compatible with Step-Cast forks

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