Fox 36 Services Level 2: Modifications / Upgrades
CHF 165.00

Modification Services for Fox 36 forks

Include parts + service but not full service of the fork

Upgrade + Full Services available with Service Packs



  • air piston upgrade increasing comfort, reactivity and support
  • best value/performance fork upgrade on the market
  • compatibility: Fox 36 Performance, Performance Elite, Factory; not compatible with Fox 36 Rhythm


  • Vorsprung Suspension's market-leading coil system
  • Allow up to 180mm of travel (travel is free of choice: no need to purchase "travel" option which is only for air-sprung forks)
  • 11 springs to choose from for a precise setup
  • integrated hydraulic for top out control with external adjustment
  • compatibility: all Fox except Fox 36 E-Bike

FOX GRIP2 2021

  • Fox's top-level damper
  • high sensitivity
  • high and low speed compression control + high and low speed rebound control
  • VVC (Variable Valve Control) on both compression and rebound
  • compatibility: all Fox 36 from 2016 + Marzocchi Z1 from 2018 or newer

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