Fox 38/36/34 Single Crown Enduro Fork Service
CHF 99.00


  • Service for Fox single-crown Enduro forks:

    • Fox 38

    • Fox 36

    • Fox 34

    • Factory, Performance Elite, Performance and Rhythm series

Level Description Intervals
1: Basic

Re-establish performance

Include new wiper seals and foam, legs lubrification, test

After 50H of use between 2 full services
2: Full

Preserve function, safety and performance

Full service: damper, spring, lower legs

Include replacement of worn seals, new foams, damper re-bleed, full lubrification, test

Minimum once a year
3: Pro Full service with high grade oil, seals and grease to reduce friction and increase reliability Alternative to Level 3
4: Rebuild Full service with replacement of sealheads Every 2-3 years
5: Pro Rebuild Pro service + Rebuild Alternative to Level 4
Upgrade Service + Upgrade


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