Fox 40 Service Level 2: Modifications / Upgrades
CHF 740.00

Include parts + service but not full service (annual/125H)

Full service + upgrade available in Service Packs


Öhlins TTX18 cartridge for Fox 40

  • Öhlins' top-level damper, same as DH38 and RXF36 M.2 forks
  • high sensitivity and support
  • large setting banks
  • high and low speed compression control
  • rebound control

Fox Grip2 2021 cartridge for Fox 40

  • add Fox VVC (variable valve control) on compression AND rebound adjustment
  • rebound adjustment with the same number of clicks as rear shocks:
    • 8 clicks for high speed rebound
    • 16 clicks for low speed rebound

MRP Ramp Control

  • allow external adjustment of air volumes
  • no tools needed to adjust the spring

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