Fox Mounting Hardware
Fox Mounting Kit / Entretoises
Fox Shock Mounting Hardware
CHF 35.00


  • 12.7mm mounting hardware for 15mm eyelets
  • Also compatible with 15mm Öhlins eyelets and 16mm Öhlins eyelets reduced to 15mm using 18486-01


  • 1st number = screw diameter
  • 2nd number = mounting point width
  • Each kit is sold with 2 bushings - yellow parts on the picture
  • "Steel" = steel axle/pin - the axle/pin is the biggest part on the picture
  • "AL" = aluminium axle/pin
  • Steel axle/pin are more durable than aluminium, but also a bit heavier
  • The picture does not illustrate the different sizes of the different kits


  • All parts in stock ship within 2-3 days