Fox X2 Services
CHF 229.00


Service for Fox X2:

  • Damper configuration check and status to prevent recurring leak issues (specific to X2 2018-2019)
  • Air can service with replacement of the seals, glide rings, wear parts and lubrication
  • Damper service with replacement of seals and wear pars
  • IFP service and charge
  • Vacuum bleed of the damper with Motorex high performance oil
  • High Performance assembly grease (CaH92) for improved resistance to wear
  • Specific treatment to lower friction by 20-30% (PRO service only)
  • Test damper without the spring for function
  • Torque check on safety fasteners
  • Replacement of IGUS bushings when needed
  • Test shock on dyno for function


  • Full service recommended by Fox once a year or every 100H of use, but in our experience every 6 months is a minimum
  • Important: due to the design of the Fox X2, 50H service is not possible
  • Re-valving is only possible for X2 from 2018 and after; don't send X2 from 2017 for re-valving

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