Öhlins DH38 M.1
DH Race / DH38
Öhlins DH38 M.1
CHF 1’850.00


  • Downhill fork
  • Used by Loïc Bruni
  • M.1 version (newest)
  • TTX18 cartridge
  • Race-proven setting bank
  • Travel: 160 to 200 mm
  • Offset: 46, 50, 54 or 58 mm
  • High sensitivity to small bumps
  • Low speed compression and rebound adjustment: 15 clics
  • High speed compression adjustment: 5 clicks
  • Independent air spring with TTSC system allowing precise adjustment from the beginning to the end of the course
  • 200mm disc
  • Boost DH
  • SKF wipers
  • 38mm stanchions
  • Max tire clearance: 29 x 2.8 and 27.5 x 3.0 (all DH38 can take 27.5" or 29", there is no specific references for wheel sizes)
  • Mudguard mounting point

M.1 updates

  • Chassis:
    • New lower leg fluid for improve lubrication
    • Cassette tool interface on both damper and air spring for easier service
    • Improved durability and serviceability with parts shared with RXF36 M.2
  • Air spring:
    • Air spring negative chamber tuning capability
    • New piston rod/ramp up assembly to aid servicing
    • New air spring lubrication and functional grease
  • Damper upgrades:
    • pressurized piston design taken from RXF36 M.2 to ensure more consistent performance
    • new needle design to improve adjustability of low-speed compression and rebound
    • refined one-way valve controlling twin tube oil flow
    • new low-speed and high-speed compression knobs with improved positive clicks


PMB Suspension recommend to professional help top install the fork

Shipping, service and warranty

  • Sold directly by PMB Suspension
  • No import taxes for deliveries in Switzerland
  • Warranty and service in Switzerland: no need to re-export the fork