Öhlins RXF36 Modifications
CHF 449.00

For original RXF36 (TTX/STX), EVO and M.2 (TTX18) forks


  • modifications services include parts AND services
  • service here = modification service only, NOT annual service; if you need an annual service with a modification, you can purchase both at the same time
  • CSU remplacement include: CSU, installation, cutting of the steerer, installation of the star nut and crown race

Parts & Upgrades

  • all parts used are M.2 parts (latest spec)
  • original RXF36 and RXF36 EVO are compatible with M.2 parts
  • TTX18 damper (M.2) can be used as an upgrade on original RXF36 and RXF36 EVO forks


  • Not all parts are readily available, if a part is not in stock it generally takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery
  • the following parts are generally in stock and available in 24-48H:
    • CSU with 44 offset for 29" forks
    • Lower legs for 29" forks
    • TTX18 damper
    • 160 and 170mm air springs
    • coil shaft assemblies and coil springs


  • M.2 forks can have any modification
  • switching original RXF36 and RXF36 EVO forks to a coil spring require a M.2 CSU, which is why it is expensive
  • switching an RXF36 M.2 forks from air to coil or coil to air does not require changing the CSU as the original CSU for these forks is compatible with both
  • to check what is possible, feel free to reach us:
    • contact@pmbswiss.ch, +41 76 572 25 46 (10AM-3PM CEST)
    • please prepare as much informations as possible before reaching us: serial numbers, part numbers and pictures will help us tell you what is possible

Other RXF36 Services

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