Öhlins TTX22M: Repairs
Öhlins TTX22M: Repairs Diagram
Öhlins TTX22M Repairs
CHF 359.00


  • Öhlins TTX22M repair services
  • Include parts + service
  • Each repair is also available as an option for customers who already purchased a service but need to add a repair to it
  • Before order we recommend to contact us to check if the repair is feasible


TTX22M Diagram: Repairs

# Description Notes
1 Cylinder Head

Standard or Trunnion

2 Valve Gold (DH) or Blue (Trail)
3 Nitrogen Cap  
4 Shaft Assembly Include eyelet in most cases
5 Twin Tube Allow for change of length in some cases
6 Spring Collar

Standard or Gen2 with side screws

Only available as option to a repair or service

7 Protective Sleeve Only available as option to a repair or service
8 Stop Cap Allow for change of travel within the limits of the shock
9 Eyelet Standard, metric or Specialized (square mount)


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