Rockshox Super Deluxe Service + Upgrade
CHF 350.00

Super Deluxe full Service WITH Vorsprung Tractive upgrade:

  • Vorsprung Tractive: the most advanced Super Deluxe (Air or Coil) upgrade on the market
  • Triple upgrade:
    • main piston: custom valving paired with the base valve upgrade
    • base valve:  upgrade with custom valving
    • reservoir: conversion to nitogren filling
  • Improved support
  • Superior stability and predictability
  • Improved compliance
  • Improved traction 
  • Upgrade compression base valve assembly
  • (RC3) More usable 3-position compression adjuster with evenly spaced settings
  • (RCT, RC) Higher-resolution compression adjustment range
  • Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and support without cavitation
  • Custom Tractive Valve Tuning System tune selection for each rider based on frame, weight, terrain, aggression and preference
  • Custom compression & rebound tunes
  • Nitrogen charged via low-profile reservoir end cap
  • All upgrade parts developed, tested and machined by Vorsprung in Whistler
  • Internal alterations to reduce the typical knocking during direction changes
  • Recommendations on spring pressure and volume spacer alterations if necessary.


  • Tractive for Super Deluxe 2023 is not available yet but is coming soon


  • Tractive upgrades involve an extensive process, before ordering, contact us
  • Wait time for the process to complete can be 2-3 weeks

Order & Shipment