TTX 22/Air Mounting Kit
CHF 29.00


Mounting hardware for Öhlins TTX 22 M and TTX Air


  • TTX 22: use 14mm and/or 12.7mm kits
  • TTX Air: use 12.7mm kits


  • One kit for each eyelet on the shock: one if it is a Trunnion shock, two if it is a non-Trunnion shock
  • Frame fitment must be checked beyond mounting hardware: a few frames do not have space to fit standard shocks

Bushing Kits

  • TTX22 14mm Mounting Hardware require a 18123-01 bushing kit
  • TTX22 12.7mm Mounting Hardware require a 18482-01 bushing kit

Naming system

  • OO mm - D / IW / IW2 mm - PPPPP-PP
  • OO = outer size of the mounting hardware without bushing
  • D = diameter of the mounting screw, usually 6, 8 or 10 mm
  • IW = Internal width of the mounting point, which can be as small as 20 mm and go as big as 44.85 mm
  • IW2 = Additional width at which the mounting kit can also be used, which applies to just a few mounting kits
  • PPPPP-PP = part number of the mounting kit



48-72H after payment (Switzerland)