Vorsprung Luftkappe Fox + Shaft
CHF 165.00


  • Ready made assembly with Vorsprung Luftkappe air piston and complete shaft assembly
  • Allow for easy upgrade of Fox 34 and 36 NA2 Evol 2018+
  • Allow for easy upgrade with travel change


  • Vorsprung Luftkappe air piston
  • Air shaft assembly


  • This is the easy way to install a Vorsprung Luftkappe by yourself as long as you know how to service the air spring of your fork by following the manufacturers instructions
  • Also available with full service + upgrade pack with -10%: F38, F36, F34


  • Not all forks are compatible, for more information about compatibility, check the Vorsprung Luftkappe product page
  • In most cases, fork travel can be changed by +10mm or -10mm, but we recommend to check closely if the chassis of your fork allows it, if you are not sure, reach us directly
  • Only available for Fox 34 and Fox 36 NA2 Evol 2018+ forks, for other types and Rockshox forks, reach us directly

Shipping, service and warranty

  • Sold by PMB Suspension
  • No taxes in Switzerland
  • Service and warranty in Switzerland
  • Shipping within 48-72H for items in stock