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PMB Suspension

Service Pack for Fox 32/34/36/38/40 Forks

Service Pack for Fox 32/34/36/38/40 Forks

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  • Service pack including disassembly, re-assembly, new seals, new grease, new oil
  • For Fox 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 forks
  • Needed every 50h of use (if bikepark/racing/freeride/ebike) or every 100h of use (other uses) or at least 1x/year
  • Avoid losses of performance, discomfort, loss of value, loss of control and repairs


  • Everything to maintain performance, comfort, reactivity and safety
  • Full disassembly: chassis, hydraulic, spring
  • Replacement of wear parts including seals
  • Re-assembly with safety checks
  • New bleed with high performance oil
  • Re-lubrication
  • Full details below
  • Service by offical service center for Fox: PMB Suspension

Full details below

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Supported Fox Forks

Black and anodized variations are also supported

  • Supported Fox Forks

    • Fox 32 (with 32mm stanchions)
    • Fox 34 (with 34mm stanchions)
    • Fox 36 (with 36mm stanchions)
    • Fox 38 (with 38mm stanchions)
    • Fox 40 (with 40mm stanchions)
    • Factory, Performance, Performance and Rhythm series, also AWL, AX and TC
  • Our checklist

    • Test of the fork: rebound, compression
    • Fork is checked for physical damages and wear
    • Disassembly and control of the lower legs
    • Disassembly and control of the hydraulic side: physical shape, function
    • Disassembly and control of the spring: physical shape, function
    • Customer is informed of any extra work before service is done
    • Replacement of the seals - official kits only
    • New SKF anti-friction wiper seals
    • Replacement of additional wear parts based on the manufacturer's recommendations
    • New oil bleed with high performance oil
    • Vaccum bleed for perfect result on applicable forks (FIT4, FIT)
    • Re-lubrication of the spring
    • Re-lubrication of the lower legs
    • Re-assembly
    • Functional tests
    • Write a report if the fork as anything special
    • Fork is cleaned
    • Certification, with 3-month warranty on the service itself
    • Return shipping to you (the parcel you used must be re-usable)
    • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Only with PRO service

    • PRO Service only: anti-friction grease where applicable
    • PRO Service only: high performance assembly grease where applicable
    • PRO Service only: above-requirements highly durable FKM seals where applicable
    • PRO Service only: replacement of sealheads when needed
    • PRO Service only: include service kit for supported 3rd-party upgrades
  • Kit Used

    • Fox-SKF wipers
    • Fox air spring kit
    • Fox GRIP2, GRIP, FIT4 and FIT service kits
    • Fox and Motorex oils
    • All kits are official kits supplied by Fox
  • Tools Used

    • Official Fox toolset
    • Vacuum bleeding machine
    • Custom tools exclusive to PMB
  • Skills Used

    12 years of experience in suspension service in direct collaboration with FOX Factory