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PMB Suspension

Öhlins Fork Service

Öhlins Fork Service

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  • Service pack including disassembly, re-assembly, new seals, new grease, new oil
  • For Öhlins forks: RXF38, RXF36, RXF34, RXC34 and DH38
  • Needed every 50h of use (if bikepark/racing/freeride/ebike) or every 100h of use (other uses) or at least 1x/year
  • Avoid losses of performance, discomfort, loss of value, loss of control and repairs


  • Everything to maintain performance, comfort, reactivity and safety
  • Full disassembly: chassis, hydraulic, spring
  • Replacement of wear parts including seals
  • Re-assembly with safety checks
  • New bleed with high performance oil
  • Re-lubrication
  • Full details below
  • Service by offical service center for Öhlins MTB: PMB Suspension

Service Levels

  • Full: chassis + damper + spring
  • PRO: chassis + damper + spring with high grade oil and grease
  • Basic: chassis + spring only
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Supported Öhlins Forks

  • Supported Öhlins Forks

    Öhlins RXF38 m.2
    Öhlins RXF38 m.1
    Öhlins RXF36 m.2
    Öhlins RXF36 EVO
    Öhlins RXF36
    Öhlins RXF34 m.2
    Öhlins RXF34
    Öhlins DH38 m.1
    Öhlins DH38 Race

  • Our Checklist

    • Test of the fork: rebound, compression
    • Fork is checked for physical damages and wear
    • Disassembly and control of the lower legs
    • Disassembly and control of the hydraulic side: physical shape, function
    • Disassembly and control of the spring: physical shape, function
    • Customer is informed of any extra work before service is done
    • Replacement of the seals - official kits only
    • New SKF anti-friction wiper seals
    • Replacement of additional wear parts based on the manufacturer's recommendations
    • New oil bleed with high performance oil
    • Use of proprietary high performance oil from Öhlins
    • Only for original RXF36: EVO upgrade is included in the full service
    • Re-lubrication of the spring
    • Re-lubrication of the lower legs
    • Re-assembly
    • Functional tests
    • Write a report if the fork as anything special
    • After-service cleaning
    • Certification, with 3-month warranty on the service itself
    • Return shipping to you (the parcel you used must be re-usable)
      Duration: 90 minutes
  • PRO only

    PRO only: replacement of sealheads when needed
    PRO only: service kit for supported 3rd-party upgrades

  • Service Kits

    Full access to Öhlins service kits: not just the wipers

    • SKF anti-friction wipers for Öhlins
    • Damper service it for TTX18 or OTX18 or 22mm dampers
    • Öhlins air spring service kit
    • High performance Öhlins proprietary oils

    Service kit supplied directly by Öhlins

  • Tools

    • Official Öhlins toolset
    • Vacuum bleeding machine when applicable
    • Torques wrenches for all safety checks
    • Custom tools exclusive to PMB to increase quality and safety
  • Skills

    • 12 years of experience in suspension service
    • Öhlins-PMB collaboration since the beginning of Öhlins MTB including distribution, service, race support (World Cup), tuning and customization

PMB Öhlins

PMB Suspension is the official, exclusive distributor and service center for Öhlins MTB in Switzerland. The collaboration between Öhlins and PMB Suspension began in 2014. PMB accompanies Öhlins at all World Cup
stages in Switzerland to assist professional riders in the paddocks. PMB is capable of performing all requested services for Öhlins MTB suspensions, including the most technical ones, such as changing shock sizes.

Öhlins Services