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PMB Suspension

Service Pack Fork Fox/Rockshox/Öhlins/Marzocchi

Service Pack Fork Fox/Rockshox/Öhlins/Marzocchi

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Service Level


  • Service pack for 1x fork
  • Full services required every 100h of use


  • Everything to maintain performance, comfort, reactivity and safety
  • Full disassembly
  • New seals
  • Hydraulic bleed
  • Re-lubrication
  • Reassembly and test


  • PRO Service: full service with high-grade oil and grease
  • Basic: lower legs and air spring only

How to order your service

Services can be ordered online (on this page) but can also be ordered with an appointment (you come to the workshop in person) or using the service forms

After ordering, ship your suspension to:

PMB, Grand Rue 42, 1616 Attalens

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Supported Single-Crown Forks

  • 32, 34, 36, 38
  • Factory, Performance, Performance Elite, Rhythm
  • RXF38
  • RXF36 m.2, RXF36 EVO, RXF36
  • RXF34 m.2, RXF34
  • RXC34
  • 30, Judy, Rudy
  • SID, Reba, Recon, Bluto
  • Lyrik, Yari, Pike
  • Revelation, 35, Psylo
  • Zeb, Domain
  • 🚫 RS-1, Brain
  • 🚫 Rockshox 1989-2007
  • Super Z
  • Bomber Z1 & Z2
  • 🚫 Marzocchi 1992-2017

Supported DH Forks

Fox: 40, "49"
Rockshox: Boxxer 38 & 35mm
Öhlins: DH38 m.1, DH38 Race
Marzocchi: Bomber 58

MTB Suspension Maintenance: Keeping Your Fork in Top Shape

Keeping your mountain bike's suspension maintained is vital to keep it working, get top performance and preserver your investment. Suspension service is recommended at least once a year. Here is the details:

1. Fork Lubrication

Lubrication is essential for your MTB fork's performance and durability:

  • MTB forks needs different lubricants in different places: wipers, foams, stanchions, air spring, damper.. all these parts use different lubricants co-existing in different quantities.
  • Lubricants are not eternal and require replacement on a regular basis: grease will turn into oil, oil will lose properties.
  • The right lubricant is needed: fork-specific lubricant recommanded by the manufacturer are required.
  • Lubricating sprays are not enough and can have adverse effects on the fork when there is not enough full re-lubrication inside.

2. New wiper seals

Your fork as stanchions diving into the lower legs as the fork goes down and up. Stanchions are exposed to the outside elements and also go down inside the fork, while no outside elements (dirt, dust, water..) should ever go inside the fork.

This is only possible thanks to wiper seals. Wipers seals seat on the top of lower legs and are responsible for wiping out dirt and dust from the stanchions so none of it goes inside the fork.

Wipers seals need to be replaced on a regular basis.

3. New hydraulic bleed

All fork dampers require proper hydraulic bleed, in many cases using a vacuum bleed machine.

4. New internal wear parts

MTB forks are not only tubes and legs: there is multiple parts inside, including wear parts that require proper care.

Wear parts are parts that will get worn out with normal use and should not be mistaken with broken parts. Wear parts are seals, foams, and in some case sealheads and bumpers. Internal wear parts can only be replaced after a disassembly of the fork.

5. Disassembly, control and rebuild

MTB forks are assemblies of mechanical parts that are threaded and pressed with each others. Assemblies will disassemble when the fork is used.

After 100h of use, full disassembly, check of every part and rebuild is the way to make sure your fork remain in good shape and safe to ride.

6. Expertise and equipment

Professional servicing requires specialized knowledge, tools, and expertise to thoroughly inspect and maintain fork internals, ensuring comprehensive care and issue identification.

Recommended Fork Servicing Intervals for Major Brands:

Fox: Fox recommend full fork service (including damper and air spring) every 100h or annually whichever comes first

Rockshox: Rockshox suggest full fork service every 50, 100 or 200h depending on the model and parts; in practice it is best to do it every 100h, otherwise the next 100h will be less than optimal

Öhlins: Öhlins suggest full fork service every 50 to 100h of riding, depending on the specific fork model