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Vorsprung Smashpot - Fork coil spring conversion system

Vorsprung Smashpot - Fork coil spring conversion system

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Fork coil spring conversion system for single crown enduro forks, featuring externally adjustable hydraulic anti-bottoming technology to deliver precisely the amount of bottoming resistance you need. The benefits of coil are clear: if your first priority for your fork is outright performance and grip, get yourself a Smashpot.

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    • Phenomenal sensitivity & bump-eating performance
    • Consistent, predictable spring rate in all conditions
    • Cuts fork friction roughly in half compared to an air fork
    • Adjustable hydraulic bottom out control for the big hits
    • Caters to rider weights from 45kg (100lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) with 10 coil spring rates
    • Allows lighter riders to get the most use out of their forks
    • Allows heavier riders the support they need without the harshness that comes with excessive air pressures
    • Only coil conversion system on the market allowing up to 180mm travel (fork max travel permitting)
    • Easily adjust your travel with internal spacers - no new parts required
    • Unique Hydraulic Bottom-out System prevents harsh bottoming
    • Can be transferred between different forks with minimal parts /cost
    • Reliable and low maintenance, set and forget.
    • Easy to install and easily serviceable

Why Coil?

Air springs have improved substantially over the years - and we've been at the forefront of air spring development for years, so we've got no bridges to sell you. Yeah, coils are heavier than air, and for some riders that alone is a dealbreaker - fair enough. The advantages of coil springs, however, are clear:

Zero stiction or friction in a coil spring. And no moving seals in the spring system to wear out, cause friction or leak.

Zero spring rate variation allowing more mid-stroke support and consistency.

More oil in the fork - lubrication and service life are improved.

In short, improvements in sensitivity, grip, compliance, mid-stroke support and consistency, with reductions in harshness and hand pain.

Hydraulic Bottom Out

The main advantage of the air spring, besides weight, is the end-stroke resistance. Smashpot include a dedicated hydraulic system for the end-stroke of the Smashpot is active on the last 50 millimeters, preventing bottoming out. The adjustment is external, allowing for fine-tuning to minimize or maximize bottom-out resistance.

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