RXF36 EVO Upgrade

How to get your Öhlins RXF36 Air upgraded to EVO?

February 25 2019 update: the program will end on February 29, customers can still apply for the voucher until the February 29

Follow these steps to get the upgrade:

1. Visit your bike shop and get the air spring fixed: blue Loctite and 32 NM is what is needed

2. Register online here to get the EVO Upgrade voucher: https://www.ohlins.com/mtb-voucher-registration/

3. Send the fork and the voucher to PMB Suspension

The voucher (example)

EVO voucher


139 CHF for the upgrade service (this is not the full service that need to be done annually)

229 CHF for a full service (annual service) including the upgrade service

So the EVO upgrade parts are provided free of charge by Öhlins but the service to fit the parts is not free.

Turnaround time

Once we get the voucher and the fork, the kit will be ordered from Öhlins and delivery will happen in the next 2-4 weeks. Once the kit is delivered it takes ~4-5 days to get it fitted.

What is part of the upgrade?

Reworked air piston with larger negative chamber for improved reactivity, comfort and mid-travel support

Reworked hydraulic piston for less friction

Anti-friction SKF seals and foam

EVO sticker