Service Terms & Conditions

Suspension that can be serviced

  • We service suspensions from:
    • Öhlins
    • Fox
    • Rockshox
    • Marzocchi from 2018 and after
    • SR Suntour
  • If you are unsure about the service-ability of your suspension, call or email us before sending it
  • If you ship suspensions that we can't service, you will have to pay and administrative fee (49 CHF) and the cost to ship it back

Limitations & Exceptions

  • We do not service:
    • suspensions from other brands
    • 28mm Rockshox suspensions
    • DYAD and Reaktiv suspension
    • Vivid Air
    • Fox ICTD/ICD/IRD/DI2
    • RS-1 Brain
    • SID Brain
  • Service is limited for Totem, DRCV, Reaktiv, Vivid Air
  • STX 22 for Boxxer and Fox 40: contact us before sending
  • STX 22 for Specialized from before 2018: contact us before sending
  • We can not guarantee the serviceability of suspensions that have been neglected:
    • suspension brands generally recommend a service every 125 hours of use
    • some suspensions require service every 100, 50, 30 or 25 hours of use
  • Repairs are limited by the availability of parts from brand manufacturers. Parts are generally available in the next 3 years after the release of a suspension model on the market. Limitations regarding the availability of parts applies after 3 years.
  • Not accepted:
    • car suspensions
    • motorbike suspension
    • suspensions for any vehicles that is not a bicycle


  • Suspensions must be clean otherwise a cleaning fee will be invoiced (39 CHF)


  • For suspensions sent without an online service order, an administrative fee (49 CHF) will be invoiced if the suspension arrive with uncompleted or missing service form
  • Shipping fee (back to the customer):
    • shock: 10 CHF
    • fork and shock or fork only: 13 CHF
    • all parcels are sent using Poste Priority (24H delivery)
    • for parcels with more than 1 fork and 1 shock, the shipping fee will depends on the weight and volume
  • PMB Suspension can not be held responsible of delays caused by parcel carriers
    • Customers are responsible of the delivery of their parcel to their address
    • Non-professional customer: no suspension will be sent back without full payment
    • Pro customers: invoices must be paid within 30 days
    • Signing the service sheet mean accepting PMB's service terms & conditions
    • Customers must send the suspension in a box with enough protection for the suspension, suspensions sent in inappropriate boxes will be shipped back with an appropriate long box that will be invoiced to the customer (small box: 5 CHF, large box: 10 CHF)
    • For items coming from outside Switzerland (international shipping):
      • please make sure to clearly marked the package with "temporary import for warranty / repair / return" not as "merchandise" ou "sale of goods". If in doubt as to specify this, ask your shipping carrier,
      • please ensure commercial value is listed at zero (or 1 CHF if your carrier will not accept a zero value),
      • insurance is optional, but please double check with your carrier that the insured value is not interpreted as the commercial value,
      • additional costs (import, shipping) will be billed to the customer,
      • we can not take responsibility for anything damaged during transit.

    Delivery in person

    • Suspensions can be delivered in person at the workshop after booking a meeting; call us before dropping by: +41 76 572 25 46 or
    • Full bikes can not be left at the workshop
    • The removal of suspensions from bikes is a paid service and only available for non-proprietary mounting systems

    Refusal of orders

    • PMB Suspension can refuse orders
    • Reasons for refusal can be but are not limited to:
      • unpaid invoices
      • suspensions unfit for use or purpose
      • proprietary or improvised modifications
      • parts not available

    Cost of service

    • The cost of most services is available online on the service page
    • For services that involve repairs, the cost will be communicated to the customer after receiving the suspensions
    • Repairs for professional customers (shops):
      • repairs that cost below a total of 49 CHF (parts and repair service) will be done without asking for customer validation
      • for repairs that cost a total of above 49 CHF, PMB will reach the customer for validation
    • Prices can be changed without warning
    • Proposals are only valid for 5 days after being communicated to the customer

    Turnaround time

    • Turnaround time depends on the level of demand and availability of required parts
    • Turnaround time does not take into account shipping time to the workshop and back to the customer
    • Express services are possible when the conditions (availability of parts and work force) make it possible
    • Communicated turnaround time is from arrival and not guaranteed


    • Customers who decide to cancel an order will have to pay an administrative fee (49 CHF) and shipping fee
    • Re-assembly of suspensions without service after a cancellation of order is possible for 99 CHF (shipping fee excluded)


    • For fast turnaround, online payment of service is recommended when possible
    • Payment of services can be done by wire transfer or directly at the workshop by card (except for Postcard)
    • Wire transfers must be done on the following account:
      • CH 03 0076 7000 R543 2824 2
      • name: PMB SUSPENSION
      • bank: BCV, Lausanne
    • Wire transfer is not possible when suspension are picked at the workshop, except for pro customers with an agreement
    • Shop/pro customers:
      • shop prices will be applied
      • no discount without prior agreement


    • Service warranty: services are guaranteed for 3 months covering all possible defects related to the service (disassembly, reassembly, wear parts) but not: normal wear and tear, inappropriate use and neglect, all other types of warranties are excluded
    • Disassembly of the suspension by the customer will cancel the service warranty
    • Warranty claims related to suspensions that were not sold by PMB Suspension cost 89 CHF to cover administrative work and must be paid immediately
    • Warranty claims on unknown problems cost 89 CHF to cover the search of the problem; no refund will be provided if no problem is found
    • Öhlins suspensions: warranty claims on known and ongoing issues will be processed without cost
    • In case of replacement under warranty of all or part of the suspension, additional services will be invoiced according to manufacturer's policies
    • Parts replaced under warranty will be sent back to manufacturers
    • In case of repair or replacement of a suspension paid by the manufacturer or its distributor, customers renounce filling for additional claims related to this suspension


    • Crown-steering units, stanchions, springs, cartridges, shocks: 49 CHF per unit
    • Full forks: 99 CHF per unit

    Special cases

    • The search of parts that fall outside of the manufacturers current part lists will be invoiced 59 CHF, part not included and without a guarantee of success
    • Pro / Sponsored pilots: no service without prior agreement, all service will be invoiced