Suspension Maintenance Schedule Template

Suspension Maintenance Schedule Template

Love your suspensions and it will love you back!

A bike is not a static object like a microwave. It needs to be maintained, cared for and supported on a regular basis with all the necessities to preserve function, performance and safety. Most suspensions are made of dozens of parts and several fluids that have a limited lifespan and require maintenance. Every owner's manual include recommendations that tell the owner when to do a service: every 125, 100 or 50 hours most of the time.

But when was the last time you checked that manual and kept track of the number of hours you already put on your bike? To make it easier, PMB Suspension designed a suspension maintenance schedule template that you can print and pin in your storage area. This schedule is made for most people and most suspension: if you ride absolutely every day, or several time a day, we recommend you print several. Also if you ride a prototype suspension or an ex-pro bike, we recommend you think about hiring the team behind that too.

Download PMB Suspension Maintenance Schedule Template [PDF]