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PMB Suspension

Öhlins TTX22m/TTX22m.2 Length+Travel Conversion

Öhlins TTX22m/TTX22m.2 Length+Travel Conversion

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  • Size and travel conversion service for Öhlins TTX22m and TTX22m.2
  • Any length can be changed to any length, examples: 210 to 230, 205 to 230, 230 to 210, 250 to 225..
  • Travel can be changed within the limits of the target length: 185 and 210mm shocks can get 55, 52.5 or 50mm of travel, 205 and 230mm can get 65, 62.5 or 65mm of travel, 225 and 250mm shock can get 75, 72.5 or 70mm of travel
  • Switchable travel is possible on demand, like 250mm shock with 75 or 72.5mm of travel switchable externally with no tool
  • Included: shock is fully rebuilt, new tubes and/or new shaft and/or new cylinder head and/or new eyelet depending on the shock you provide as a basis
  • Shock in imperial length (inches) like 8.5", 9.5" or 10.5" can also be used for conversion to metric length (mm) like 205, 230 or 250mm but always require a new eyelet
  • Standard to Trunnion and Trunnion to Standard conversions include a new cylinder head
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