Terms & Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully. Do not order product and services if you do not agree with these terms.

PMB provide products and services through the website pmbswiss.ch.

By using this website or ordering product and services from PMB Suspension, you agree, on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who use any service under your account, to the following conditions.

These conditions also apply to any person asking you to use pmbswiss.ch or order products or services from PMB Suspension on their behalf.


• All text, graphics, images, videos, animations made available by PMB Suspension is the property of PMB Suspension or its suppliers of content and protected by Swiss and international copyright laws.

• Please note that some pictures and logos related to non-PMB owned brands are the full property of PMB Suspension as we have the ability to produce professional pictures, graphics and logos.

• The use of pictures, graphics and text belonging to PMB Suspension require a license

• Unauthorized use of pictures, graphics and text belonging to PMB Suspension has a cost and will be invoiced.

• Any use without a license is not authorised. To request a license, please contact us: contact@pmbswiss.ch.



• PMB only provide services for specific suspension models listed on pmbswiss.ch.

• Not supported: suspensions for cars, motorcycles, scooters, any suspension that is not made for a bicycles with working pedals.

• Suspension must be clean, otherwise a cleaning fee will be invoiced.

• Any suspension sent that is not one of the supported suspensions listed on pmbswiss.ch will be sent back. An administrative fee will be billed along with shipping costs.


• Packaging must be appropriate: (1) not oversized, (2) with enough protection, (3) with no polystyrene particles or blocks, (4) openable without rendering it non-reusable (5) clean.

• Inappropriate packaging will be recycled and replaced at your cost.

• You can order a flat pack parcel from us at a reduced cost before ordering.

• Customer must make sure that suspensions are not damaged before shipping. PMB is not responsible for damaged that were not noticed by customers before shipping their suspension for service.

• Suspensions should not be sent covered with anything preventing service.

• PMB Suspension can not be held responsible of any shipping delay and recommend using Swiss Post or UPS.


• Full services sold as packages are executed in 90 minutes following pre-defined steps and using pre-defined parts. Additional work or parts will be billed.

• PMB can not be held accountable for issues relative to the manufacturer of the suspension including design issues, manufacturing issues, prototype parts.

• PMB can not be held accountable for issues relative to the owner or previous owner of the suspension: lack of or inappropriate maintenance, inappropriate use, worn components, use in racing.

• PMB can not be held accountable for any issue outside of its control preventing normal completion of services.

• PMB can bill a fee for any order causing significant overhead, including but not limited to: service priority, interaction with shops, brands or any third party.

• Replaced parts are recycled during service. Replaced parts can be returned to you if you cover the related costs.

• Suspensions with problematic modifications will only keep these modifications if reasonably possible.

• Custom work and after-market parts and accessories will be replicated or re-installed only if technically possible and if you have a prior agreement for that with PMB. Include but not limited to: OneUp, Springdex, Axxios, custom parts, mounting hardware, headset, paint, stickers.


  • Prices displayed on pmbswiss.ch are only available for customers ordering directly on pmbswiss.ch with an order paid on the site directly
  • Professional customers or customers using 3rd parties: a surcharge will be billed if a service require to interact significantly with more than one person
  • Professional racers or semi-professionals: a surcharge will be billed for all requests


• If a repair is required to complete the service, PMB will provide you a quote for validation.


• Service starts as soon as PMB receive the order and before the suspension is physically at PMB it is part of the planning and parts are secured.

• Turnaround starts when the suspension is physically at PMB and stops when service is finalized. Shipping is not taken into account.

• Service time to completion does not take into account shipping time.

• Turnaround depends on PMB's workload and availability of parts and can be subject to change.

• Communicated turnaround is non-contractual except for services planned on appointment.

• Turnaround can be accelerated for a fee.

• PMB takes no responsibility regarding any factor that may slow down time to completion, including weather conditions, road trafic, the lack of availability of shipping services or the inability to receive shipments.


• You must have an appointment.

• You can bring your bike so we unmount your suspension. Suspension unmount will be invoiced depending on the time need. We will not unmount suspension mounted with problematic proprietary mounting systems.


• You must have an appointment.

• Services must be paid before or during the appointment. No third party can retrieve your suspension unless you have a written agreement.


• Each service scheduled on a specific date and time at your request mean PMB is getting everything ready before and putting itself available on that specific date and time.

• For services scheduled on specific date and time, you MUST be show on time on that specific date and time.

• Suspension must be clean and ready for service.

• If your are not present on the date and time, you can still leave the suspension here for service in order to come back later. This is at no additional cost for you.

• If you are not present on the date and time and need a re-schedule after not showing, a fee of 100 CHF will be billed to you to compensate for the costs of not showing on time.


• You have to do what is necessary to receive the parcel, otherwise no responsibility will be taken if you fail to receive or retrieve the parcel.

• Delivery back to you generally takes 1 to 3 days.

• Change of delivery speed for parcels already sent are billed 100 CHF for administration costs to do the change, additional shipping costs will be billed aside.

• PMB Suspension can not be held accountable for late delivery due to incorrect or incomplete shipping address.


• This paragraph is for customers located outside Switzerland.

• If you are not based in Switzerland and wish to order a service from PMB Suspension, PMB Suspension advises you to come in person with your suspensions.

• In case of shipment from a country other than Switzerland, any related fee (import, return, tax) will be charged to you, including if the shipment was made to avoid these fees as much as possible.

• PMB Suspension cannot be held responsible for any shipping fees or delays.

• PMB will not take responsibility for anything damaged during transit outside of Switzerland. PMB advise customers to have a proper insurance.


• Services are guaranteed for 3 months.

• The service warranty covers defects related to the service and within the limit of what is done during the service: disassembly, reassembly, parts changed during the service.

• The service warranty is not an all-risk insurance and does not cover normal wear and tear or abnormal use of suspensions, hidden design or manufacturing defects, your negligence, and any other factor external to the service performed.

• The service warranty excludes any other type of warranty.

• In case of a problem, you must report it within a few days of the problem appearing and request PMB's approval before returning a suspension for service warranty.

• Disassembly of the suspension outside of PMB suspension will cancel the service warranty.

• We takes no responsibility on bikes and parts bought second-hand, including second hand suspensions previously used for competitive racing or prototype suspensions that have found their way outside racing/prototyping.

• We take no responsibility for hidden manufacturing or design defects on suspensions brought by the customer but that have not been sold directly by PMB Suspension.

• No compensation will be provided in case of consequential malfunction due to a lack of maintenance over the life of the suspension.

• In case of repair or replacement of a suspension paid by the manufacturer or its distributor, you can not fill for additional claims related to this suspension.


• If you cancel an order, for any reason, you have to pay a cancellation fee.

• 50% of the order value and an additionnal fee if the cancellation incurred significant costs for PMB.

• If a service can not be completed because your suspension had not enough service before, PMB will cancel the service and a fee will be invoiced to cover the work that has been done

• Re-assembly of suspensions with issues with be billed.



• You must check if the product you want to purchase is compatible with your bike or practice.

• PMB Suspension can not be held responsible if your bike has a hidden defect preventing the use of the product you bought from us.

• PMB Suspension cannot be held responsible if you do not sufficiently verify the suitability of a product for the intended use.


• Some products can be ordered with optional modifications.

• Products sold with a modification at your request can never be returned.

• If you order a product with a modification it will be delivered with the modification already made.

• You can reverse a modification if it is technically possible and if you pay for the service and the parts required to do it.

• For modifications involving the replacement of parts fitted in factory, the replaced parts will not be delivered to you without an additional payment.


• Some products are "build to order" which mean assembly is made only after the order the made by the customer

• Products built to order can never be returned

• Orders for products built to order can not be cancelled


• All orders of products on sales are considered finals.

• No returns or exchanges will be allowed on products on sales

• This policy include sales of products as part of service and product or upgrade bundles


• Nothing lasts indefinitely so use your judgment to assess whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy.

• To expedite warranty requests, send us as much detail as possible to: contact@pmbswiss.ch, including the order number, purchase date, product brand, description and pictures of the defect.

• The warranty terms are first and foremost the manufacturer's warranty terms, with additional terms defined by PMB (see below). Customers can reach to the manufacturer to know the detailed warranty terms and conditions.

• Will void the warranty: any abuse of the warranty process, lack of appropriate service, reselling the product, disassembling the product, any inappropriate pressure toward PMB (we are here to help, but pressuring us will not help you).

• Additional costs may occur, including labor, parts and shipping costs.

• Parts replaced through a warranty process can not be kept by customers.

• In case of repair or replacement of a suspension paid by the manufacturer or its distributor, you can not fill for additional claims related to this suspension.

• As soon as parts or products claimed under warranty are physically made available at PMB, you have 30 days to claim these. After that the warranty cased will be closed. Re-opening a warranty claim is not possible.

• Any abuse of the warranty process will void the warranty.

• For suspension products, the warranty is only applicable when the suspension is serviced on time.

• Warranty is lost when the product is sold to a third party. No warranty on second-hand products.

• Warranty claims related to suspensions that were not sold by PMB Suspension will be invoiced to cover administrative work and must be paid immediately.

• Warranty claims on unknown problems will be invoiced to cover the search of the problem; no refund will be provided if no problem is found.

• In case of replacement under warranty of all or part of the suspension, additional services will be invoiced according to manufacturer's policies.

• The parts replaced as part of a warranty case will remain in the possession of PMB or the manufacturer. The prevent abusive use of the warranty, no part will be given away if the replaced part is not given back to PMB or the manufacturer.

• Shipping costs can never be refunded to the customer.

• We takes no responsibility for hidden manufacturing or design defects on suspensions that we have not sold directly.

• Absolutely no warranty on bike suspensions used on motorbikes including but not limited to: Sur-Ron, Talaria, Segway.


• International orders are defined by orders taken from customers outside of Switzerland, with shipping to other countries than Switzerland.

• Customers putting international orders are responsible for any cost related to their location, including but not limited to shipping and after-sale services not covered under warranty.


• Orders can only be cancelled before the order is shipped.

• Cancelled orders will be refunded.

• A cancellation fee will apply for orders with significant costs for PMB Suspension.

• Cancellation is not possible for products built to customer's specifications.


• We will only exchange products when products are "materially different" (see: Disputes).

• Damage caused by shipping must be reported and documented within 7 days of receipt.

• Incorrect or defective products must be reported and documented within 7 days of receipt.

• PMB reserve the right to accept a return.

• After PMB accept a return, product must be returned within 10 business days.

• Products that show any sign of use will not be exchanged.

• No returns or exchanges on sale items.

• No returns or exchanges on products modified by the customer after delivery.

• No returns or exchanges on products damaged by the customer.


• Terms and conditions can be changed without warning.

• Prices are set by PMB Suspension and can be modified without notice.

• Orders can be denied for any reason.

• PMB can ask for payment before starting a service.

• Shipping costs can never be refunded.


• If a product was delivered was done in a "materially different" way you have 7 days to fill a complaint with PMB Suspension.

• Products are considered "materially different" if delivered with the wrong version, wrong specifications, non-functional or damaged.

• Complaints must be filled at contact@pmbswiss.ch with all the details.

• Complaints are not possible if the product was used or damaged.

• PMB Suspension own the final decision.


Any abusive behaviour toward staff members will void contracts (including warranty) with PMB and no compensation will be given. We recommend customers to be nice and polite.

Terminations of contract will not be compensated.


• Terms and conditions also apply to professional customers.

• Professional customers are professional customers with businesses focused on selling and/or repairing bikes (not cars, not motorbikes, not any other product).

• No discount without prior agreement.

• Services ordered by professional customers acting as 3rd parties for end customers must be billed to the end customer with a minimum management fee of 75 CHF. Example: for a service sold by PMB to a shop for 220 CHF, the shop must bill this service to the customer for at least 295 CHF. That fee is for the management of the order, shipping and faster turnaround.

• A 75 CHF surcharge will be applied to any order following unpaid invoices.

• A 75 CHF surcharge will be applied to any order requiring direct interaction with the end customer.

• Payment must be on the same day the invoice is emitted. Late payment will not be tolerated.

• If additional work and components are required, you will be informed and you will have 5 days to validate the order.

• No exception to the conditions will be granted.