Tracking Suspension Use

Tracking bike suspension use is critical because bike suspensions need service after a level of use, otherwise performance, comfort and safety will drop significantly, and the suspension will end up breaking.

Tracking suspension use allows you to really know when to service your suspension. Brands recommend services generally every 50 to 200h depending on the type of suspensions and use. Racing, Downhill and Freeride hours are usually considered to count double, as well as hours of use with a lot of dirt, dust or rain.

At PMB we recommend customers to hand service intervals this way:

  • customers looking for the best performance all the time: one service every 50 hours of use
  • customers looking for good performance and looking to avoid repairs: one service every 100 hours of use

The following table was designed to help you track suspension use:

PDF file to download: Suspension Use Table

Suspension Use Table / Tracker / Timer