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PMB Suspension

Öhlins Service Pack

Öhlins Service Pack

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Service pack for 1x Öhlins fork + 1x Öhlins shock
Full services required every 100h of use
  • Everything to maintain performance, comfort, reactivity and safety
  • Full disassembly
  • New seals
  • Hydraulic bleed with new high performance oil
  • Re-lubrication
  • Reassembly and test
  • Optional PRO Service: extended service
  • Not supported: STX22
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  • Supported Fork Models

    • Öhlins DH38 m.1
    • Öhlins DH38 Race
    • Öhlins RXF38 m.2
    • Öhlins RXF38 m.1
    • Öhlins RXF36 m.2
    • Öhlins RXF36 EVO
    • Öhlins RXF36
    • Öhlins RXF34 m.2
    • Öhlins RXF34
    • Öhlins RXC34
  • Our checklist for fork services

    • Test of the fork: rebound, compression
    • Fork is checked for physical damages and wear
    • Disassembly and control of the lower legs
    • Disassembly and control of the hydraulic side: physical shape, function
    • Disassembly and control of the spring: physical shape, function
    • Customer is informed of any extra work before service is done
    • Replacement of the seals - official kits only
    • New SKF anti-friction wiper seals
    • Replacement of additional wear parts based on the manufacturer's recommendations
    • New oil bleed with high performance oil
    • Use of proprietary high performance oil from Öhlins
    • Only for original RXF36: EVO upgrade is included in the full service
    • Re-lubrication of the spring
    • Re-lubrication of the lower legs
    • Re-assembly
    • Functional tests
    • Fork is cleaned
    • Certification, with 3-month warranty on the service itself

    PRO only:

    • Replacement of sealheads when needed
    • Service kit for supported 3rd-party upgrades
  • Supported Shock Models

    • TTX22m.2
    • TTX22m
    • TTX22m Specialized
    • TTX2Air
    • TTX1Air
    • TTX Air
    • TTX Air Specialized
    • Not supported: STX22
    • Not supported: motorbike, car and snowmobile suspensions
  • Our checklist for shock services

    • Pre-service test on hand dyno to check function
    • Disassembly of mounting hardware
    • Full disassembly: body, spring, piston, shaft
    • Shock configuration is checked
    • Internal components are checked including shims, shafts, sealhead
    • Replacement of seals
    • New bladder (1)
    • New bumper (2)
    • New protection sleeve, if needed (1)
    • Sealhead lubrication (1)
    • Re-assembly with safety checks
    • Reservoir service
    • IFP Calibration (3)
    • New bleed with high performance oil using Öhlins vaccumm machine for perfect bleed
    • New nitrogen bleed (reservoir)
    • Air can re-lubrication (3)
    • Air spring equalization (3)
    • Full test on dyno: compression, rebound
    • Re-assembly of mounting hardware
    • Cleaning
    • Certification, with 3-month warranty on the service

    PRO only: extensive check and extended service for suspensions late for service

    (1) TTX22m, TTX22m.2
    (2) TTX22m
    (3) TTX2Air, TTX1Air, TTX Air

  • Service Kits: Forks

    • Full access to Öhlins service kits: not just the wipers
    • SKF anti-friction wipers for Öhlins
    • Damper service it for TTX18 or OTX18 or 22mm dampers
    • Öhlins air spring service kit
    • High performance Öhlins proprietary oils

    Service kit supplied directly by Öhlins

  • Service Kits: Shocks

    • Full access to Öhlins service kits: PMB is distributor for Öhlins
    • High performance Öhlins proprietary oils
    • TTX22m.2: new rebuild service kit
    • TTX22m: rebuild kit
    • TTX2Air / TTX1Air / TTX Air: air spring service kit
    • TTX2Air / TTX1Air / TTX Air: damper service kit

    Service kit supplied directly by Öhlins

  • Tools

    • Official Öhlins toolset
    • Vacuum bleeding machine for perfect bleeding
    • Torques wrenches for all safety checks
    • Custom tools exclusive to PMB to increase quality and safety
  • Skills

    • 12 years of experience in suspension service
    • Öhlins-PMB collaboration since the beginning of Öhlins MTB including distribution, service, race support (World Cup), tuning and customization

Supported Öhlins Suspensions

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