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PMB Suspension

Vorsprung Luftkappe

Vorsprung Luftkappe

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Make a good fork a great fork. 

Get more out of your fork - more compliance, more support, more grip and more control!

In fact, the only things you'll have less of are harshness, hand fatigue and excuses.

By softening the initial stroke, the Luftkappe enhances sensitivity and enables higher air pressure for increased support in the middle and end of the stroke.

User installable and simple to set up, the Luftkappe transforms a good fork into a great fork.

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    • Improve reactivity to small bumops
    • Improves support
    • Enhances comfort
    • Reduces hand fatigue
    • Reduces hydraulic stress: less compression required
    • Easy installation with the right tools

Vorsprung Luftkappe Compatibility

Fork Compatibility
Rockshox ZEB 2023 Require a ZEB 2021-2022 shaft - the original 2023 shaft is not compatible
Rockshox ZEB 2021 et 2022 Luftkappe ZEB
Rockshox Domain 2022 Luftkappe Domain
Fox 38 2021+ Luftkappe F34/38
Fox 36 2018+

Luftkappe F36 (LK-36EVOL)

2018 forks sometimes require a 2019 shaft to work best

Fox 36 E-Bike [SPD-PED-ELEC]

Luftkappe F34/38 for forks with 34mm stanchions (most Fox 36 E-Bike but not all)

Luftkappe F36 for forks with 36mm stanchions

Rockshox Lyrik 2023


Luftkappe Lyrik 2023
Rockshox Lyrik 2018-2022 Require a Solo Air shaft
Rockshox Pike Require a Solo Air shaft
Rockshox Yari Require a Solo Air shaft
Fox 34 2022 Luftkappe F34/38
Fox 34 Step-Cast 2019-2021 Luftkappe F34/38 (Fox 34 Step-Cast 2022 are not compatible)



Rockshox forks with Dual-Position Air (DPA) spring

Fox 40


Fox Rhythm (36 et 34)

Fox 32

Marzocchi Z1

Marzocchi Z2

Fourches 32mm Rockshox

Rockshox 35 Gold/Silver

Any fork that is not mentioned here