Telum Details

Introducing the Telum.

3 years in development.

Over 100 prototype iterations. Thousands of dyno tests.

Custom tuned, to you and your bike, by expert engineers using our exclusive tuning algorithms. No off-the-shelf "custom" tuning here - the Telum is the real deal, using our exclusive, patent-pending Rapid Revalve technology.

Get yourself in line for a new level of performance that's already dialled for YOU and YOUR frame. 

The Telum is truly unique, and jam packed with every imaginable feature:

  • Hit the ground running from the best possible starting point, with our customized Rapid Revalve tuning process delivering you personalized valving AND recommended settings.
  • Balance out your small bump compliance and chassis control with 18 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment 
  • Dial it in for the big hits with 12 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • Tune your on-trail feel with 18 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Zero in on the perfect amount of bottoming resistance with 18 clicks of hydraulic bottom-out adjustment, active over the last 15mm of shock stroke.
  • Save your shock - low-profile polymer spherical eyelet bearings to eliminate sideloads, prevent corrosion, minimize weight, reduce friction and reduce wear.
  • Save your frame - our exclusive self-centering eyelet reducer hardware prevents shock-to-frame contact by limiting the range of motion of the spherical bearings.
  • Save your legs - with a firm lockout mode for the long climbs
  • Wide compatibility - fits most frames.
  • Available in all standard metric strokes from 47.5mm to 75mm
  • Available in trunnion and standard (spherical) eyelet
  • Shocks will begin shipping first week of June, 2024.