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Product Table
General description Twin-Tube coil shock with 3-way ajustability, HBO and Lockout
Hydraulic System Twin Tube
Spring Type Coil with adjustable spring rate (Sprindex)
Rapid Revalve Customized tuning process delivering personalized valving and recommended settings
High Speed Compression Adjustment 12 clicks
Low Speed Compression Adjustment 18 clicks
Rebound Adjustment 18 clicks
Hydraulic Bottoming Resistance 18 clicks, active over the last 15mm of shock stroke
Tune (internal settings) Made by PMB using Rapid Revalve
Hydraulic Lockout Yes
Remote Adjustement No
Stroke for 185 and 210mm lengths 55, 52,5, 50, 47.5
Stroke for 205 and 230mm lengths 65, 62.5, 60, 57.5
Stroke for 225 and 250mm lengths 75, 72.5, 70, 67.5
Cylinder heads Standard or Trunnion, wide compatibility: will fit most frames
Low-profile polymer spherical bearing Eliminate sideloads, prevent corrosion, reduce weight, reduce friction and recuse wear
Self-centering eyelet reducer hardware Prevent shocks shock-to-frame contact by limiting the range of motion of the spherical bearings
Eyelet size 15mm
Made in Canada