PMB Custom: Built and Tuned in Switzerland


Only about half of the suspensions on the market are fit for the bikes you own. This mean that when buying a suspension in-a-box, something is missing for many bikes. And when something is not technically missing for your bike, that suspension-in-a-box is probably missing something for your weight, practice or physical ability.

Missing features can be one or all of these:

  • wrong length or travel
  • wrong eyelet, mounting hardware or shape
  • wrong hydraulic settings, spring rate or spring type
  • missing upgrades

To avoid these problems, PMB launched the PMB Custom Shop Program, allowing you to buy the right suspension for your bike with not a single detail missing. This program is available for the following suspensions:

  • Öhlins RXF38 m.2 & RXF36 m.2
  • Öhlins TTX22m.2, TTX22m, TTX1Air & TTX2Air
  • Vorsprung coil shocks
  • Fox, Marzocchi and Rockshox shocks

As part of the custom program, most can be built with Vorsprung, WPS and Trutune upgrade when technically possible. All suspensions are supplied with a 2-year warranty and you only pay what is needed to build the final result.


We discuss the sort of riding you will be doing, your goals for the build and see what could be the best matching suspension. Whether it is about building the most comfortable suspension or the fastest one or both, we have a range of options.

We analyse your current set up and define the optimum specifications for the build. A lot of parts are in stock and some builds can be done on-the-spot, like TTX22m.2 builds. Parts will be ordered from the official distributors and most deliveries happen in less than a week, in many cases 48h.

Upon delivery we spend time you checking the build, doing final adjustments and explaining settings. We pay close attention to detail at each stage to ensure the longevity of the suspension.


  • Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Levo 2016-2017 (square mount) or 2018-2024
  • Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Kenevo 2017 (square mount)
  • Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Scott Ransom
  • Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Trek Fuel EXe
  • Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Trek Slash and Rail with native 230mm length + Trunnion mount (pretty much exclusive to PMB and build with Öhlins-supplied specifications)
  • Öhlins RXF38 m.2 & RXF36 m.2 with Vorsprung Smashpot
  • Fox 38 with FIT4 + remote lockout + Vorsprung Smashpot
  • Marzocchi Bomber Z1 with Vorsprung Smashpot
  • Marzocchi Bomber CR with WPS piston
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil & Super Deluxe Air with Vorsprung Tractive or WPS piston
  • Custom Rockshox Recon to fit very specific needs

    All suspensions are build in our facility in Switzerland and supplied with a 2-year warranty