Smashpot: Compatible Forks

Fork Year & Specification
Fox 36 2015+
Fox 36 E-Bike


Fox 36 E-Bike generally have a spring stanchion with thicker wall, limiting compatibility to springs under 65lbsin. Some Fox 36 E-Bike don't have that limitation and can use any spring.

Fox 36 Rhythm 2018+
Marzocchi Z1 2019+
Rockshox Lyrik 2019+
Rockshox Yari 2016+
Rockshox Pike Boost 2014+
Rockshox Pike Non-Boost


Require a special top cap, available on demand

Rockshox Revelation (35mm) 2018+
Rockshox ZEB


Max travel 180mm

DVO Onyx SC 2019+
Öhlins RFX36 m.2 / RXF36 EVO / RXF38  Öhlins RFX36 m.2 / RXF36 EVO / RXF38
Öhlins RFX38 m.2 Öhlins RFX36 m.2 / RXF36 EVO / RXF38



DO NOT configure the Smashpot to exceed manufacturer-specified max travel. If in doubt, call the original fork manufacturer to determine maximum permissible travel.



32mm forks

34mm forks

Fox 40

Rockshox 35 Gold/Silver

Rockshox Pike 26"


Any other fork