Vorsprung Luftkappe Compatibility

Fork Compatibility
Rockshox ZEB 2023 Require a ZEB 2021-2022 shaft - the original 2023 shaft is not compatible
Rockshox ZEB 2021 et 2022 Luftkappe ZEB
Rockshox Domain 2022 Luftkappe Domain
Fox 38 2021+ Luftkappe F34/38
Fox 36 2018+

Luftkappe F36 (LK-36EVOL)

2018 forks sometimes require a 2019 shaft to work best

Fox 36 E-Bike [SPD-PED-ELEC]

Luftkappe F34/38 for forks with 34mm stanchions (most Fox 36 E-Bike but not all)

Luftkappe F36 for forks with 36mm stanchions

Rockshox Lyrik 2023


Luftkappe Lyrik 2023
Rockshox Lyrik 2018-2022 Require a Solo Air shaft
Rockshox Pike Require a Solo Air shaft
Rockshox Yari Require a Solo Air shaft
Fox 34 2022 Luftkappe F34/38
Fox 34 Step-Cast 2019-2021 Luftkappe F34/38 (Fox 34 Step-Cast 2022 are not compatible)



Rockshox forks with Dual-Position Air (DPA) spring

Fox 40


Fox Rhythm (36 et 34)

Fox 32

Marzocchi Z1

Marzocchi Z2

Fourches 32mm Rockshox

Rockshox 35 Gold/Silver

Any fork that is not mentioned here