Öhlins MTB Switzerland

PMB is the official service and distribution center for Öhlins MTB since 2014, and part of the World Cup setup for each World Cup race happening in Switzerland. PMB is able to provide all the services and products for the Öhlins MTB range, including rebuilds, customization, tuning and full units. PMB is also able to build any type of TTX22m.2 / TTX22m on demand right here in Switzerland.


PMB purchased the entire toolset for Öhlins MTB and was the first to do so in Switzerland.


Öhlins MTB services by PMB Suspension now include custom units


Öhlins MTB services by PMB Suspension expand with the availability of the full RXF range and growing demand from customers riding Specialized Demo, Enduro and Levo


Öhlins metric shocks and new TTX Air now available through PMB Suspension. Big year for TTX22m on Levo. PMB as part of the world cup setup in Lenzerheide for Öhlins, supporting riders like Adam Brayton.


Release of the new RXF36 m.2.


Release of RXF38 m.1 (limited serie), soon to be followed by RXF38 m.2. PMB again as part of the world cup setup in Lenzerheide for Öhlins.


RXF36 m.2 and RXF38 now available with Vorsprung Smashpot. PMB invest in custom TTX22m.2 units for Trek Rail and Trek Slash, with custom parts made in Switzerland.


Big year for RXF38 m.2. 2 succesful bike tests organized over 5 days in Verbier, hosted by PMB and Öhlins.


Öhlins Services


TTX2Air / TTX1Air

DH38 / RXF38 / RXF36 / RXF34


Special Services