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PMB Suspension

Öhlins TTX22m.2 Scott Ransom Custom

Öhlins TTX22m.2 Scott Ransom Custom

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Scott Ransom Unit
  • Custom Öhlins TTX22m.2 for Scott Ransom
  • Built to fit Scott Ransom 2018-2023 with nothing to adapt internally or externally
  • Each unit is build-to-order
  • Total price include a 10% discount


  • Ransom 2018-2023: Ransom frames with the shock visible from the outside, generally sold until mid-2024
  • Fitting require removing the undercover from the frame or pushing it back inside, then using tape or a custom cover to protect the inside of the frame from dush
  • Access to the HSC lever might be constrained depending on the version and size of the frame
  • Compatible with spring series 18077 and 18073

TTX22m.2 Features

  • Twin-Tube TTX design
  • 22mm piston
  • Nitrogen-pressured reservoir
  • High Speed Compression Adjuster (HSC)
  • Low Speed Compression Adjuster (LSC)
  • Rebound Compression Adjuster
  • Fully repairable and serviceable
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Öhlins TTX22m.2 Features

Hydraulic System Twin Tube (TTX)
Spring Type Coil
Low Speed Compression (LSC) Adjustment 16 clicks
High Speed Compression (HSC) Adjustment 3 clicks: open, medium, hard
Rebound Adjustment 7 clicks
Remote Adjustement No
Stroke Adjustment Can be done using 2.5mm spacers
Coil spring preload 1.5-2 turrns after the collar touch the spring
Stroke for 185 and 210mm lengths 55, 52,5, 50, 47.5mm
Stroke for 205 and 230mm lengths 65, 62.5, 60, 57.5mm
Stroke for 225 and 250mm lengths 75, 72.5, 70, 67.5mm
Spring serie for 185 and 210mm lengths 18075
Spring serie for 205 and 230mm lengths 18077
Spring serie for 225 and 250mm lengths 18073
Valve for 185, 205, 210 and 230mm lengths Blue Trail compression valve (position 3 = pedal mode)
Valve for 225 and 250mm lenghts Golden DH compression valve
Length x Travel available on demand 190x45, 250/225mm with Blue Valve, 200x57 (8.75x2.25), 230mm Trek (with Trunnion head)
Cylinder heads Side-by-side or Piggyback (external reservoir)
Eyelet size 15mm inner diameter
Service Fully serviceable by qualified Öhlins Service Centers
Durability All parts are made available to qualified Öhlins Service Center
Assembly in Assembly in Switzerland by PMB for all custom units